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Effectively loose weight with these steps

Weight loss is a long interesting journey most people try to take yet fail. You may have been in that situation before or still are; don’t give up.

Many weight loss programs offered online are expensive or come at a cost you may not be comfortable with.
In this article, we will share a comprehensive weight loss program for free, which you can subscribe to and practice at home.

The challenge here is, you will require some great deal of determination to go through it, but be assured that you will surely meet your target and look trim and fit and you wish for.
Let’s get it.

Here are the quick steps of the entire weight loss program:
1. Self-assessment
2. Target setting
3. Diet plan
4. Exercise plan
5. Social support
6. Monitoring and reassessment


Body weight assessment

This is the first and very important step in completing this program. Assessing your body weight will not only help to keep a record of how far you’ve achieved your target but it is a good intrinsic motivator to urge you to keep on this journey.
You can check this by using the Body Mass Index calculator. We will have to fix a diet plan knowing that the weight gained may actually be as a result of diet, therefore we would also need to know how much of calories you will require to lose or maintain weight. You can use this online calorie calculator to help you do that easily.

Goal setting for weight loss

Goal setting is just about fixing a specific target you want to reach at the end of the weight loss program.

Before you talk more about goal setting, be aware that in certain instances, you may actually require a doctor or professional weight loss officer’s assessment and advice.

Moving on, you need to set a realistic goal, having assessed your current weight and health.

By goal, we mean eg. Wanting to lose 20kg or 10kg in 4 weeks.

Diet plan

One of the reasons for gaining the weight you are uncomfortable with is eating too much over a long period of time. Constantly eating late at night also triggers that.

What this means is that any effective weight loss program will have the component of dieting.

The key ingredient will be checking calorie intake.

Again, the calorie calculator can be of good help in doing this. Note that, the fact that you want to lose weight does not mean you need to cut down on your calorie intake at a go, it needs to be gradual.

Weight gain is gradual, so is weight loss and so you must have the patience to do things in that procedural manner.
You can start by reducing your calorie intake by about 5%.

Exercise plan

A good exercise regime will help you lose some weight. Exercising is also one of the key components of your weight loss plan.

There is something technical here. Exercising means, you will be using up energy. Eating will give you some energy but remember we talked about reducing your calorie intake lose weight.

Yes, it still holds but when you determine the kind of exercise you want to undertake, you need to ensure you eat appropriately so that your body gets enough energy to burn out during the exercise.

The amount of energy going to be consumed during exercise and the amount of energy you want to obtain from your diet should be calculated and the net results should let you know whether you will be losing or maintaining your weight or even gaining weight.

Some exercises you can undertake include, bicycle riding, morning runs, jogging, using the treadmill is fine too. These are but a few of the exercises you can undertake.

You may want to consult an expert to guide you further on the best exercises and how to do them well.

Monitoring and reassessment

It must be noted that at this point, you will really need a lot of support from friends and family. If you are married, your spouse. It’s a great way to help you keep discipline and be focused on achieving your targets.

You may want to give up especially when you are not losing as much weight at you want to, after observing your progress. These people can be of great help.

To the substantive issue now, monitoring and re-assessment. With a week or few days to your set target, you need to assess your progress so far. Note that, while on the weight loss journey, you should constantly be monitoring your progress. This can be a good inspiration to push to you achieving your goals.

NB: It is better to do this on a weekly basis than on a daily basis. It can be frustrating if you don’t notice significant gains and that can force you to quit as it is in the case of most people.

You may consider a medication assessment from a professional as well to know how much success you’ve achieved.

In the course of the free weight loss program, you may have noted a number of things that worked for you and those that didn’t. These are things you can keep in mind so you know the most effective ways to go about your subsequent weight loss programs if you want to especially if you fell short of a few kilograms in meeting your target.

The above is not the last step. At the end of every program, we advise that you undertake a “maintenance” exercise to help you keep and sustain your new weight.

This, most people have said can be as tough as losing weight but you can do it!

If you are satisfied with your new healthy weight, you need to maintain it.

The best ways to do this is being particular about your diet and maintaining a very effective bodily exercising routine.


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