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Episode eight (8)

Episode eight (8)


When savitri got there she was not allowed to see him by the security man, it was through the intervention of the doctor she was allowed. Although she was accompanied they by the doctor and the security man because the man was very violent. When she got to the ward at wich he was in, she tried to convice him to tell her how to stop them but the man would no help her.
Ghost father: why should i tell you that, i can’t because they are doing wat i will also do. As the population of the pple increase so does the sin of the pple my kids are only fighting for justice. When they were young Der mother won’t allow them to come and see me. She was very wicked to me, making my children hate me. So one day i pour fuel on her and light her ablaze. My children wer Der so they saw everything after that they did the same to Der self and continue with wat i started. That why am so proud of dem proud of dem hahaha.
Savitri: you are such a wicked and selfish man killing ur own wife.
Ghost father: madam pls go home and face your own problem my daughters are with me, one of your daughter is dead very soon it will be the second one hahaha.
Savitri: you are so wicked *crying*
doctor: madam we need to go now.
Savitri immediately went out of the place and called her husband telling him to look after janvi, to make sure she was home, but he couldn’t find her in her bedroom not even around the house.
Janvi was no wer to be found.

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