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I was wondering why yetunde that has been so unfriendly to me just suddenly turned nice. Well, maybe its her nature to appear harsh before showing her nice part to a stranger. I said to myself.
ME: Lets go home, damilola cooked small rice for me this morning may be you will eat from it
YETUNDE: Damilola?
YE: yes!
YETUNDE: And if I eat the food your wife prepared for you, what are you going to eat.
ME: DON’T tell me you are jealous
YETUNDE: jealous ke, I’m only surprised about what I saw yesterday
ME: and what’s surprising about that?
YETUNDE: Never mind…..We continue discussing till we got to my Hostel. We entered together into my room. There was PHCN light so I switched on the socket and the sound system to play some music’s. I inserted a disc containing my full tracks and we were listening to it.
YETUNDE: (SITTED ON THE CHAIR) Please go and bring the food I’m hungry.I dashed into the kitchen to dish the rice while yetunde was sitting in the room. Shortly after, I came into the room with a plate of rice in my hand…
Yetunde: “Smiling face” Who is that person singing?
Me: Whose voice does it resemble?
Yetunde: I don’t know, I’m only asking because I love the songs.
Me: “laughs” and you love the person too?
Yetunde:” Love kor”, person that I don’t know.
Me: it’s someone you know.
Yetunde: Who?
Me: It’s me.
Yetunde: it’s a lie. You ke, you can’t even sing at all.
Me: Seriously now.
Yetunde: How am I going to be sure?
Me: Does it mean you don’t believe me?
YETUNDE: I’m finding it so difficult to believe you I dashed to the anger and removed one of my customized shirts. And I started a track again from intro so that she could hear the name, before she believe I was the one singing.
Yetunde: So you are a musician.
Me: Sure!
Yetunde: Okay, I really love music
ME: Really?
YETUNDE: Yes. You will sing for me before I go.
Me: yes but finish your food first.
Yetunde: Okay. Hmmmm, but A.Y you are a bad boy o
ME: what have I done this time?
YETUNDE: I just remembered what happened yesterday
Me: (pretended as if I didn’t know what she meant) what? Where?
Yetunde: You are asking me? With my friend
Me: Smiled.
Yetunde: You fu©k€d her real good.
Me: Hmmmmm
Yetunde: “gave me a flirty look”
Me: eem I’m sorry
Yetunde: (bursted into laughter) sorry for what?

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