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It was a sunny day, fun fill, though stressful. It’s not easy being a fresh student.
After my NATIONAL DIPLOMA programme in Moshood Abiola polytechnic and a year of industrial Attachment, I decided to proceed On my studies but did not want to go for HND due tothe HND/BSC dichotomy now in the labor market.Like every other students seeking a direct entry admission into a university, I obtained the jamb direct entry form and wrote necessary examinations.Finally, I was offered admission and that was how I became a student of tai solarin university of education. it was fun being in tasued, its lively and of course very interesting.It was my first day in school, I was looking here and there like someone that lost money, Looking for offices of the signatories to the documents I was holding. At the same time I could see different types of fishes ***winks*** you know what I mean now ? but no be that one dey do meas at that time.I was sweating profusely in the sun, making photocopies from pillar to posts, moving from one office to another looking for how I could get to BIOLOGY h.o.d’s office until when I saw a guy sitting alone at a park under the shed of a tree at COHUM (block A). I assessed him as he was seated, he has long legs which signifies tallness, he is dark and sparkling just like me, he is handsome in his own way but not as handsome as I do, but I like him. I walked up to him and engaged him in a conversation.
ME: Hello brother, how far?
GUY: I’m cool
ME: Pls, I’m very sorry for disturbing you, I’m actually going to the office of the biology H.O.D
GUY: biology? I think it should be in COSMAS
ME: see I don’t know anywhere here; I only want to sign my Document.
GUY: I guess you’re a fresher?
ME: ( inner thought: igbayen nkor?) err yes
GUY: Do you mind if I take you there?
ME: I don’t mind, in fact I would be very grateful.He stood up from the block he was sitting on and we started walking on the tiled road that leads to COSMAS.
As we were going, we started discussing, though I wasn’t comfortable with him. I was shy, especially since he called me a fresher.
GUY: Tasued is always fun and full of distractions especially in second semester when a lot of social activities would be coming up
ME: Wao! I’m happy to hear that, I love social lives
GUY: that means you are a party type
ME: If you say so. Sorry bro, what level are you?
GUY: (raised eyebrows) me?
ME: Yes now, or you don’t want to tell me
Guy: haba! Why not? I’m in 200level now.
ME: Wao! It means we are going to be in the same level.
Guy: How?
ME: I’m a direct entry student
Guy :(shocked) That means we are in the same level then.
ME: Abi o (I was happy to hear that)
GUY: so which school did you come from?
GUY: eeyah, that’s good
ME: Yes o, that’s how we roll. so what do I call you?
Guy: As in how?
ME: Your name
Guy: I’m Damilare but I’m called D-DON
ME:(Smiles), DON indeed
Guy: How about you
ME: I’m Ayoola by name but my fans calls me saint haywhy.
Guy: Fans? What do you do?As I was about to answer…… something funny happened.



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