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FORGIVENESS MAY COST-episode 10 and 11

We left the canteen together and I was about to start going to “New Market”
ME: So, I want to be on my way to new market and that means we’ll be meeting at home.
DAMILOLA: (Looked disappointed) can’t I go withyou?
ME: I don’t want to stress you again for that, already I’ve been stressing you since morning.
DAMILOLA: But I didn’t complain now.
ME: well, if you insist sha.We took a bus from the bus shed And went together to the new market. We bought food stuffs and other things needed for the house too. She also bought some things Herself and we left the market. It was 4:30pm before we got back to the hostel, the same girl I saw with her the previous day had already been waiting for her at her Door.
DAMILOLA’S FRIEND: (straight face) Where have you being.
DAMILOLA: I wEnt to buy something in the market
DAMMY’S FRIEND: You now kept me waiting here
DAMILOLA: Sorry, but cant you call my line
DAMILOLA’S FRIEND: I called severally but I kept getting the same answer from the service provider “the subscriber you are calling is currently switched off”
DAMILOLA: (STARTED SEARCHING FOR HER PHONE FOR CONFIRMATION) Oh! Its true o, I’m so sorry (faced me) ayoola please meet my friend “yetunde”
ME: (Stretched my hand for a hand shake) nice to meet you
YETUNDE: it’s my pleasure. (Answered casually)I excused myself from them and was about to enter my room when damilola told me she was coming to meet me in my room so that she can help me in cooking. She entered into her room with yetunde while I entered into my room I entered and took the sack containing what I bought from the market into the kitchen and went back into my room to relax because i was so tired, stressed and tensed to even do anything.I changed my dress to a nicca and a polo shirt. I was lying down on my bed pressing phone when I heard a knock on my door.
KNOCKER: ko ko ko
ME: Who is it?
KNOCKER: It’s me damilola
ME: come in, the door is not locked.She opened the door and entered into my room.
DAMILOLA: Why are you lying on the bed? Are you tired?
ME: In fact, I’m too tired.
DAMILOLA: You are lazy.
ME: Don’t mind me. Has your friend gone?
DAMILOLA: No, she is inside.
ME: Why did you have to leave her alone in the room?
DAMILOLA: I asked her to come with me but she refused.I discovered that I’ve started becoming comfortable with Damilola, I actually did not want to fall in love with her or any other girls because “once bitten twice shy” I can’t continue to use a broken bottle twice.
ME: Maybe she is shy or she didn’t like my company.
DAMILOLA: Where are those things that we brought from market?
ME: The sac is in the kitchen.
DAMILOLA: Did you offload it?
ME: NO. I’m tired
DAMILOLA: Lazy boy
ME: Thank you she went straight into the kitchen and that was when I notice that damilola was on bomb shot. “Omo dis geh get yansh o” her a$$ was romantically swinging from left to right as she cart walked into the kitchen. She entered the kitchen but yet I wasn’t satisfied with what I saw,I wanted to see more. Immediately I gained more energy, I stood up from the bed and started making advances towards the kitchen. on getting to the kitchen, I saw her bending down and shooting her massive a$$ up directly on the road to the kitchen. On seeing this, my d¡c k responded immediately and many thoughts started running through my mind.“Abi make I grab am ni, what if she gets angry? “Omo I no fit carry this o” I continued this dirty thoughts and I didn’t even know she was looking at me as she bent down.She called my name
DAMILOLA: Ayoola! Ayoola!!ME: “Came back to life” yes dear
DAMILOLA: Anh, Anh what are you thinking?
ME: Nothing
DAMILOLA: (Smiled) she continued with what she was doing without changing her position.The massive a$$ was still up and I was still enjoying the view. I summoned Courage and moved closer to it, I started from robbing her back with my palm, and after about 30seconds of robbing with no resistance I graduated to robbing her a$$ little by little and she did not stop me. Wao! I graduated to squeezing it, I started squeezing and tracing her pu$si from outside the bomb shot. This time she let out a soft mo’an. I was encouraged by this and before I knew what was happening she has stood up and faced me. I could see her fresh cleevages well packed inside the bra. I said to myself “I never knew this girl was this bursty”, i started squeezing her boobs from outside her blouse softly and she was responding with soft moans. I graduated by inserting my right hand into her b—-t to tickle it while my left hand was busy Squeezing her massive as$. damilola was just moaning at every of my moves and she was robbing my back with her small and sexy hand. Shortly I noticed a hand on the zip of my nicca, “omo dis girl want carry rod come out by herself o”. Damilola zipped down my nicca, and dipped her hand into my boxers and brought out my fully erected d!ck. She was using her hand to rob my d!ck with the precum coming out of it. Me self no dull myself, I immediately unhooked her bra with the right hand I was initially using on the nippple while i use the left hand to unzip her bump shot, I was doing two things at a time.
Damilola was just busy with the rod as if her life depends on it. I successfully removed her bra and what I could see was a round shape fresh oranges bouncing in front of me. “This is irresistible” I grabbed the oranges and I started sucking them one after the other. Damilola could not help the mo’an, her mo’an increases in tempo and that was how the moan was getting louder. I s—-d for two minutes and I could hear Damilola whispering into my hear “Ayoola, I want to feel you in me” I replied “relax”. After this, she suddenly grabbed my fully erected rod robbed it for some minutes and before I knew it, she knelt down and covered the whole d¡ck with her mouth. She s—-d it, s—-d it and continue sucking until I c-m. She s—-d the c-m and swallowed it. I raised her up with my two hands, she wanted to kiss me but I stylishly rejected. “That mouth way you don take suck omi adura sperm”.I removed her bump shot to reveal her G-string panties. All I could see was a well shaved puna, I was so impressed by this so I pushed the pants to one side and inserted my finger. “Chai, Damilola was super wet”. I started fingering her. “Omo dis girl can mo’an”. She started moaning continuously.
Damilola: Ayoola please I need you in me right now. Come and f**k me hard.When I noticed that the noise was getting too much, I carried her from the kitchen and took her into the room so that passerby would not hear anything going on. As I was placing her on bed, NEPA restored the light. “Good one”.I switched on the sound system and went back to meet her on the bed. I could see her readiness to f**k me. I inserted my hand underneath my bed and brought out a condom, she quickly snatched it from me and removed the nylon, she wore it on my d¡*k by herself and requested to come and fu©¡< her. When I saw her aggressiveness, I raised her two legs up and started pounding her in a “mummy and daddy style”, Damilola was just giving instructions. Damilola: Ayoola, please fuc¡< me hard, faster, fass’ fas, faster.Fck me to the left and right. Wao! Ayoola you are good, I love you. After about 10mins of fuking, I noticed someone opened my door, I looked the direction of the door and saw yetunde standing at the door looking at me and damilola f*king each other and sweating profusely. ME: Damilola, your friend is here.
Damilola: “Not moved” Yetunde, what do you want.
Yetunde: I don’t know the pattern to your phone, it has locked.
Damilola: You can see I’m very busy now, when am through, I will come and unlock it for you.
Yetunde still waited for some minute to see how Her friend was moning under me. She later left when she saw that she wasn’t given an attention again. We changed to so many styles before I finally cummed.

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