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was so tired, after the third round of hot s-x. We were both sweating profusely and our breathes were faster than normal. I lied down tiredly on the bed while she lied beside me placing her head on my chest both unclad.
Damilola: Ayoola, I need more.
Me: Even me, but I’m tired for now lets postpone it till some other times.
Damilola: At night?
Me: Maybe.
DAMILOLA: oya, lets start the cooking.she stood up, wore her clothes and excused herself that she was going inside to answer her friend and that she would be coming back.Immediately she left, I started imagining what I just did, have I really done the right thing? She came back about 5mins with a frowned face.
Me: What is the matter?
Damilola: Never mind, its ladies’ stuff.
Me: Make una no fight o. where is Yetunde?
Damilola: The idiot has gone.
Me: Haba! Why calling her idiot now? She didn’t wait to answer the last question before she dashed into the Kitchen and started preparing dinner. I was so tired that I Couldn’t join her in the kitchen throughout the cooking.At around 8:15pm, she was through with the cooking’s, she dished out the food and we both ate together in the same plate.After the food damilola requested to have a conversation with me which I agreed.
DAMILOLA: to be sincere with you, I really enjoyed the fun we had the other time and I wish I could have it more and more.
Me: hmmmm
Damilola: can I know more about you?
Me: I’m Single! What else do you want to know about me?
Damilola: everything that you think I supposed to know.
Me: Well, my name is ayoola, I came from a family of 2. My sister and I. (I continued) I’m a native of ogun state, I’m an artist, I sings hip hop music. I’m cool and gentle in terms of gentility but I don’t take shits.That’s all I can tell you for now.
Damilola: Sighs! That’s good. But how about your relationship status
Me: “Omo which kind question be this now” but I just said it now that I’m single though not ready to mingle.
DAMILOLA: what do you mean by not ready to mingle?
ME: I’m very sorry to say dis, I actually don’t want to go into any relationship for now, not again I don’t know sha, may be later.
Damilola: What do you mean? So who am I to you? Am I your s-x object?
Me: I have never said that, and besides you are already taking it too far.
Damilola: Then tell me, who am I to you
Me: For now, I can still say we are friends, because I never asked you out.Actually, I love you and I really want to have a relationship with you. But the truth is that I’m not ready for a relationship yet because “once bitten twice shy”
Damilola: I think I can understand you. It is well dear. Can you tell me about your past?
Me: please let that be a story for another day because I hate remembering my past. Let change the topic please. So its your turn to tell me about yourself.
Damilola: My name is damilola, 22years old, a native of ekiti state, I’m a single lady, I came from a family of 5, 3 boys and 2girls. The 3rd born of the house. Hmmmm! What else
Me: (cut in) I’m even okay.It was already getting late and I was expecting her to go to her room but she didn’t, she slept in my room and we had another two rounds of se* before the day breaks.

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