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ME: Lets just forget the scenario she continued her food while I went to SWITCH-ON the television. I inserted a ghanian film titled “best friend” and was watching. After her meal, she left the chair and came to seat beside me on the bed. After about 10mins of watching the movie, I sensed a hand moving on my shoulder, I waited for like another 3mins before I responded by removing her hand from my body. After some minutes, she repeated the same thing and I was about to remove her hand from my body again when she grabbed my hand.She knelt down before me and started shedding tears.
YETUNDE: Ayoola, please I don’t mean any harm. I was so jealous when I saw you with damilola yesterday
ME: But why? I’m not dating you now.She advanced towards me and was trying to romance me when I pushed her.
YETUNDE: (tears) ayoola please I love…. We heard a knock on the door. I tried to ignore but,The knock started becoming harder as I was trying to ignore.
Me: Who is that?A familiar voice from outside replied“It’s me”Me: (This looks like damilola’s voice) who are you?
Knocker: It’s me Damilola
I was shocked, I checked the time and it was 3’0clock
Me: So the time has gone this much….. I’m comingI opened the door and damilola came in Damilola: (hissed) ayoola whats up
ME: I’m fine but don’t you see your friend here?
Damilola: I can see her now.
Me: and why don’t you greet her?
Damilola: did she greet me and I didn’t answer her? Yetunde stood up from the bed, carried her bag and was set to go out.
YETUNDE: I’m about to leave
Me: but why? Hope its not because of dammy?
YETUNDE: Not at all, I’ve some works to do at home
ME: Are you sure?
YETUNDE: Yes! Bye (opened the door and went out).Throughout my conversations with yetunde, damilola was just blinking her eyes (moju) in an embarrassing manner at yetunde and immediately yetunde left she closed the door from behind and faced me.
DAMILOLA: how did that idiot got in here?
ME: and what effrontery do you have to be calling her an idiot even in my presence.
DAMILOLA: I’m sorry, but you can’t imaging what the girl did
ME: I cant, and I’m not even interested to know (angrily)DAMILOLA came to me and humbly knelt down before me.
DAMILOLA: Ayoola, I’m very sorry, I know its not normal for me to be rude to you or to act like I did but the girl just prompted me to. Imaging her telling me to…..
ME: (CUTS IN) I’m not interested in knowing what happened.
DAMILOLA: It’s okay. I’m sorry dear.
ME: (frowned face) I’ve heard YOU
DAMILOLA: Let me see that smile on your face
ME: (smiled)
DAMILOLA: (Happy look) yes that’s my baby. What have you eaten?
ME: Whatelse would I eat if not the rice you prepared for me in the morning.
DAMILOLA: Let me take my bath so that I can start cooking.She has started removing her dresses, she took my towel and was about to enter into the bathroom
ME: are you bathing here?
DAMILOLA: As you can see, you can join me if you care (flirty look).
On seeing that, my d!ck responded immediately and I couldn’t hesitate to join her in the bathroom.Getting to the bathroom, she pulled off her blouse and it remains only her bomb shot and her pink bra on her. Her oranges are well packed inside the bra so I could see her cleavages from it, so fresh and upright. On sighting this, my d!ck started gaining more attention, I moved closer to her and we started kissing slowly. She laid her hand on my d! ck from outside my trouser and started tracing its length and feeling the heaviness with her small but sexy palm. I was also busy squeezing her massive as$ while our lips were still much intact in each other. This time she couldn’t control her mood, she suddenly pulled down my trouser and started robbing my d!ck nakedly, now I could feel the signal in the whole of my body. Still on the standing position, I kissed her ears and started whispering ***I can’t wait to eat you raw**** slowly into it and she softly replied ***have it dear you own me*** on hearing this, I almost went mad, I was madly in the mood to screw her up but that doesn’t stop me from skipping the normal foreplay because I love being romantic when it comes to sexual issue. I started moving my hand down her bra for unhooking, I did this in a twinkle of an eye, unhooking bra is one of my talents as it doesn’t take up to a second to do that, and now the fresh oranges have escaped from the prison. I quickly removed my singlet and and softly hugged her to feel her b—-t on my cheast, waoh! I feel warmthand invulnerable. Damilola did not leave my d!ck alone, she was very busy with it as if it was going to increase her g.p. still in the hugging position, I did not leave her massive behind to rest, I started by squeezing it and even deeping my two hands in it without even considering the risks involve may be she can fart of something . after some minutes of squeezing , I dropped down her bomb short and her pants simultaneously to gain free assess to the naked a$s, without wasting time, I knelt down and spread her two legs apart, lo and behold, damilola was so wet. I slowly dipped my middle finger into the wet pu$$y and I could feel her juice dripping on my finger. She could not help the moaning again as the finger gets in, the mo-an started increasing as I start the finger movement (in-out-in-out) in her pu$$y. She was really enjoying the fingering to the level of her closing her eyes and throwing her head to the back in the standing position. She moved a little bit to the back to remove my finger from her pu$$! and she positioned herself in a doggy style by holding the watercloset ceramics and shooting up the a$s. I understand the message she was trying to pass, I quickly stood up with my heavy rod, slides it into her pu$$! and started f-u-( k-ing her in a doggy style.
DAMILOLA: wao! This is really good, I love it. Waooooooooooohhhhhh, oucccccccchhhhh, sssssssssssssssssssooooftwwwwwwork thank you baby.I fu-ck*d her for long before I finally c-m med

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