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ME: do you know what we did was so wrong?
YETUNDE: HUMMM but we enjoyed it sha?
ME: of course I did but…
YETUNDE: (Used her hands to close up my mouth and sealed it up with a kiss)We started kissing again and that also leads to another two rounds of s-x. I was on the fourth round of s*x with yetunde when I heard a knock on my door . I initially wanted to ignore thinking itwas just a neighbor that wants to greet me but when I noticed the knock was becoming harder
ME: YES who is it?Familiar voice: its me
ME: (SILENCE VOICE) That sounds like damilola’s voice, I checked the time and it was already 4:00pm
DAMILOLA: AYOOLA, open the door now as these drama was going on, yetunde remained unruffled on the bed and didn’t even consider putting on her cloths. I summoned courage to go and open the door for damilola to enter damilola banged in and started ranting
Damilola (faced yetunde) Hmmm, so you are the one that has been moaning inside for the past an hour that I’ve being at this door. So this is what you are planning for me, it can’t work. Ashewo!! Gbokogboko.Don’t worry, by the time I’m through with you, you will know you have tried it with the wrong person Oloshi “hissed” and went out
Yetunde: “Faced me” Do you see what you have caused now
Me: “Silenced”She started wearing her clothes to leave I did not even utter a word till she left.Immediately she left my room I locked my door from inside and I started feeling guilty and didn’t know the next step to take. Should I go and beg Damilola in her room? Mtcheew no jor, after all we are not dating so why is she even angry in the first place? Did I ever told her am going to date her?Hmmm, but ayoola, you have done a wrong thing, bleeping two friends. All this were going up and and down on my mind till I heard a knock on my door again
knocker: “ko ko ko”
Me: “silenced”
Knocker: Knocks again.
Me: Then I answered “who is it this time?”
Knocker: “with a fainting voice” it’s me damilola.
Me: shocked but summed courage” what do you want?
Damilola: please open the door.
Me: “Ego took over” I’m busy, come back later
Damilola: Just a minute please

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