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Me: Are you coming in to harm me?
Damilola: No, I Can’t do that, please just allow me in.
Me: I stood up from the bed to open the door for her Damilola came in sluggish and silently, looking piteous, she had cried and her whole eyes had become swollen. I closed my door and went to sit-down on the bed with a very frowned face.
Me: “frowned face” so are you here to embarrass me again?
Damilola: “Crying” Ayoola, why do you hate me? Why did you do this to me? Is it because I showed you loved too soon? Bla bla bla.
Me: (felling guilty inside but reactions doesn’t tell)what exactly are you talking about? Is it about your friend yetunde that you met with me? If it’s about her I don’t have any contribution to what you have just said
Damilola: (Cried more and more) it’s okay I’m sorry for embarrassing you the other time “turned her back and wanted to take her leave, weeping bitterly”
Me: “pulled her hand back” damilola, I’m very sorry for the mistake I made, she seduced me and I fell on her laps. It’s not as if I hate you or am wicked but am just being careful of falling into women’s trap again, not anymore. I’m very sorry I did it with your friend but am promising you now that I won’t do it with her or any girl again except you. I can see how much you love me and I know how much it hurts to love someone without getting the return.
I moved closer to her, then I took an handkerchief from the hanger and cleaned her tears. She moved closer to me and hugged me tight. We started kissing again and that was how we settled the fight.

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