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We were together throughout the rest of the day happy and joyous. I begged her again in the night before we slept.Damilola and I were so happy with each other, no further misunderstandings, the love continues to wax stronger by day.Yetunde in the other hand was not ready to leave me for Damilola, she was making every effort to gain me to herself but I will always deny it.One SUNDAY night, Damilola and I were sitting infront of my room as usual watching Jenifa’s diary, when this 2 guys entered into the compound. One was with a crossed bag and the other wasn’t with anything. The two guys waked up to us, where we were sitted. It was dark already I couldn’t see their faces but they could see our own faces with the reflection of the laptop’s backlight. One of the guys called my name “sainthaywhy” I was shocked, wondering who knows me by my nickname as at that time.I turned the laptop to see the person’s face.
Me: DON! What’s up?
DON: S–t menh! Guy moh see
Me: Hope no p?
DON: Dragged me up “telling damilola to please excuse him”
Me: and the two guys walked outside the gate to discuss.
DON: Saint what up?
Me: I’m fine boss.
DON: What transpired between you and a girl called yetunde?
Me: yetunde? Nothing serious
DON: Please I want to hear your own part of the story.
Me: can you still remember the last time we met?
DON: Sure!
Me: On getting home that evening I saw the two of them sitting down outside but to cut the long story short, damilola was the first girl i asked out, and there was a day like that, that yetunde caught us having s-x, I mean myself and damilola. Later saw yetunde the following day and she said she wanted to feel the same way her friend felt the day before, she seduced me and I actually got down with her. I later realized that damilola truly loves me so I have to go for her.
DON: Takes- breathe. You self no good o. you dey bleep 2 girls. Now Listen to me carefully, am giving you 9hours to break up with damilola , otherwise, I won’t consider our friendship before I deal with you.
ME; shocked! Don how now?
DON: That babe “yetunde” is not anyhow babe, she be mama for inside this school.Am telling you all this because we are friends. Get it straight into skull (walked out) I stood for 5minutes after they have left , I was confused and didn’t even know the next thing to do.I’m in love with damilola already and she loves me too, which kind of mistake is this that I made? “I asked myself” I entered into the gate with my heads down , I was obviously in serious thoughts, my mood have changed.
Damilola; Ayomi what’s the problem?
Me; Nothing
Damilola; please, tell me now I’m afraid.
Me; it’s about us.
Damiola; and what about us?
Me; wait! What level is yetunde
Damilola; mtcheew, that foolish girl, she should be in 300level now?
Me; shuuu? I was thinking she was in 100 level , how did you get to know her?
Damilola: we used to be friend in secondary school but she gained admission before me.
Me: I’m in trouble
Damilola: what happen?
Me: if I still want to remain in this school, I must breakup with you before day breaks
Damilola: That‘s not possible now, you yourself know that’s impossible. why please now talk to me. (Crying).
Me: yetunde sent those guys to threaten me and they just confirmed to me now that she is a key leader in a secret society in this school.
Damilola: What! Her dad is a pastor
Me: Does that mean anything
Damilola: But wait Ayoola, Are you really going to leave me?
Me: Am confused (Head down).
Damilola: can’t you try and do something about it?
Me: What do you expect me to do?
Damilola crying).I stood up from her side and was about to enter my room, when she pulled me back crying and seriously weeping begging me not to leave her.
Damilola:(crying) Ayoola, please don’t leave me, I beg of you
Me: I will think of what to do. Good night.I entered my room and closed the door. I was in my room meditating on what next to do, am I really going to break up with dammy? No I cant do that, I cant just do that to the poor girl. But what have I got myself into? I was still on this thought when I slept off.
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