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I left home early the following morning at around 6:45am, though I was supposed to be having lectures 8:00am on MONDAY but I just have to leave home to avoid intimacy between me and damilola because I was very sure that I would have being on watch.It was 7:30am , I was in class already but lectures have not yet started when my phones started ringing. I checked it and it was a call from damilola
Me: ’oh’! She wants to ask where I Am.’Picked it’
Damilola: Ayoola
Me: yes good morning
Damilola: (shaking voice) see what you have put me into? I receive a call from a strange number last night telling me to park out of this compound before 6:00pm today. Where did they expect me to pack to? (crying)
Me: you don’t mean it
Damilola: I tried to inform you yesterday night but your phone was switched off.
Me: Yes I switched it off immediately I got inside my room yesterday.
Damilola: What should I do now?
Me: Honestly, I don’t know.
Damilola: crying as I was on call I noticed a guy was observing my conversation so I cautioned myself 0f what to say. The day went out, though thoughtful but nobody disturbs me, but I was very sure that I am on watch.I got home in the evening at 4:00pm and saw damilola in front of her room sitting down.
Me: good Evening
Damilola: Welcome dear I entered into my room and left her outside. After about 10mins of being inside, I placed a call through to her
Me: Hello go to your room and lock yourself up
Damilola: Why?
Me: They are around and they are seriously watching you, so what you have to do now is that stand up from there and lock yourself up in your room.
Damilola: (Afraid) so what after that.
Me: I will tell you the next thing to do. Let it be after 5mins of this call before you stand up.
Damilola: okay
Me: Now put up a smile
Damilola:(smiled)After about 5mins, I noticed someone just entered her room, so I put a call through to her again.
Me: Now, pick your bag and your few things and go and wait for me in Lagos garage
Damilola: Am not going anywhere, let them come and kill me mtcheew
Me: please do what I asked you to do
Damilola: No am not going to leave.She remained in her room while I also remain in my room it was 7:45pm, there was no light and the whole compound was dark .I noticed footsteps passing my door to the room beside mine which was for damilola. Shortly after this I started hearing bangs on her door and voices threatening to break her door if she refuse to open, but damilola didn’t consider that to open the door.The door was made off iron, it makes much noise enough to catch peoples attention but nobody dares come out. I started shivering in my room ‘chai and I told this girl o, but she won’t answer God! We are in trouble, please save us o’ they continued the threats but damilola did not consider that to open the door. They came to my room also to do the same thing and I refused to open too.I was thinking if I should open the door, they may want to use me to threaten Damilola to open the door or they will kill me and if she comes out they may injure her.They left on that night without doing any arm the following morning, around 8:00am I went to school very early to report the issue to the DSA but on getting to his office I met his absence so I had to wait for him to come. he came around 8:45am, but I allowed him to settle into his office before I entered into his office at exactly 9:00am
Me: Good morning sir!
DSA: Good morning, how are you?
Me: fine sir
DSA: How may I help you?
Me: quickly narrated the story to him from A-z in 2mins
DSA: Now, listen to me, you will have to write a letter to the CSO through the DSA bla bla bla.
Me: (Abi, this one dey madding) okay sir, (I left his office discourage).I was very confused walking aimlessly on the tiled road that leads to the main gate when I heard someone called my name from the back “ayoola” I looked back and saw damilola running towards me. I waited for her under the shed at “Cohum building” she got to where I was standing and was breathing like chrismas goat.
Damilola: Ayoola, see what you have put me into.Those guys are after me. “she dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a paper” this is what I saw at my door read it “you can run but you can’t hide, you have priced and you must pay.I lost appetites immediately after reading the letter, then I came up with a suggestion….
ME: take this money and leave this school environment immediately.

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