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As I was about to answer his last question, we got to the H.O.D’s Office door. DON was the one at the front while I followed. He was about to knock the H.O.D’s door when the H.O.D coincidentally came out and DON accidentally gave him a knock on his head. I wanted to laugh but I just had to swallow it up because I know if I should try it, it may be the beginning of my problem in the department.The H.O.D was very annoyed, he ranted and ranted at us over and over again. I guess he could have felt the pain so much on his bald head. I was confused on the next thing to do but was just like “sorry sir” (oro buruku pelu erin).
H.O.D: What exactly do you want?
Me: eerm!, eerm!! Sir we want to ask if we are….
H.O.D: If you are what? Come on gerara here, foolish guys (Angrily).
DON: but sir we want to…
H.O.D: (cuts in) I say gerara here or I handle you over to the school marshalWe hurriedly walked out of his sight to avoid touching stories.As we turned our backs, DON looked at my face and saw it full for laughter and as a matter of fact I was seriously laughing inside. immediatelywe got out of the H.O.D’s sight finally, we both busted into laughter.
Me: DON you knock my H.O.D for head, na now I believe say you be DON true true.
DON: Che na why you self no want talk wetin carry you come be that?
Me: unh! Unh!! I go talk make he mark my face.Abi you don forget say Na MAPOLY I come from,and if you come from mapoly and yet you no wise, you no fit wise again till Jesus comes.
DON: If you say so, the man self na APARI
ME: En now na wetyn make the knock pain am be that.
DON: Na him sabi jare. So, back to my question. What do you do?
Me: I’m into entertainment. I’m a Hip-Hop rap artist. Then I’m into story writing. Though I write stories for fun, But I choose music to be my carrier.
DON: Whao! That is interesting. I’m a rapper too but not Nigerian pattern though
Me: That’s good to hear. That means you are going to teach me punch lines.
DON: Laughs! Funny you. So can I listen to your songs on your phone?
Me: Oops! I lost my phone two days ago in the car while I was coming to school, I’m only left with one (omo ode de palasa) torchlight phone but you can download all my songs on the internet. All you just need to do is to type SAINT HAYWHY on Google then it will display all my works.
DON: Wao! That’s good.We became friends automatically On that day. It was 4 ‘0’clock nobody will attend to me for the day again so I decided to chill till the second day since I’ve known the H.O.D’s Office then I can always go by myself.
ME: What are you up to?
DON: I’m going back to the park.
ME: Hmmm, you this guy I suspect you
DON: Why suspecting me? And what are you suspecting me of?
ME: To the best of my knowledge, and with the way I saw you the other time, your purpose of sitting is to ‘catch them young’
DON: Who?
ME: Those babes Noni, Those freshers.
DON: Lolz….
ME: I lie?
DON: I Suspect you too,
ME: of what?
DON: Never mind, where do you stay?
ME: I stays at IJELE?
DON: where in IJELE?
DON: Hmmm Omo olowo.
ME: Why that?
DON: No be self-contain be all the rooms wey dey ogunlana?.
ME: Sure now.
DON: Na Omo olowo you be now, na “IMAWEJE” me dey stay
ME: DON, These conversion is over for today, I’m very hungry and I need to rest too. Give me your number; I would give you a call tomorrow.
DON: Okay then, 08038****
DON: yes (showed it to me)
ME: yes that’s it
DON: Okay I’ll save it We shook hands and I left…..

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