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I took my phone and called DON.
Me: D- DON my number 1 guy.
DON: Who be this?
Me: Saint AY
DON: Ahh brotherly, how far now?
Me: I’m fine Where you dey?
DON: I dey imaweje
Me: Nice one, How far che make we enter Floxy?DON: you want flex me ni?
ME: Won’t I appreciate you for saving my life?DON: Wao! Che make I come with my niggas
Me: Omo ah no too gallant like that.Ah just want show my appreciation on what you did the last time.
DON: Okay ah dey come che you don dey there?Me: Am almost there
DON: If you don Reach call me.
Me; Okay (hanged up).I stopped a like at school gate and told the bike man to take me to floxy. Immediately I mounted the bike, I placed my tape on recording mode.As I got to floxy, I saw DON standing at the gate waiting for me. I paid the bike man and we entered into the bar together. We seated on a round table while I called the bar man.
Me :(I placed my crossed bag on my lap )
BARMAN: What do you care for?
Don: let him give me Goldberg.
Me:waoh! We are the same oh if that is the case, give us one crate of Goldberg.
Don: why?
Me: Me I fit drink brewery
Don: but you no fit drink reach me o
Me: Oya make we start.
Don: che you get money sha.
Me: no worry sha dey drink. I took one bottle and I started sipping it so that I won’t be too drunk to ask question. After about 30 mins of drinking, Don have finished 6 bottle of Goldberg while I was still on a bottle I waited till he finished the tenth bottle before I started asking him questions.
Me: thanks for the other day
Don: that one na small thing now. Where the girl dey now
Me:you mean damilola?
Don: yes
Me: she don run, chebi na una say make she no wait.
Don: seriously assuming she waits she for don die.
Me: Oga o, that’s serious. And nobody go believe say yetunde belong o.
Don :(laughs) which yetunde?
Me: the same yetunde now?
Don: and who tell you say she belong? She no belongs O, I’m working for her on business level.
Me: Really? Barman. Please, bring another crate. You don win me with this crate.
Don: Saint, you no fit compete with me, when it comes to drinking stuff.
Me: lets see what will happen now.
Don: so as I was saying, yetunde no belong to any secret cult and even me, I no belong. No dey think say because you by me beer na why ah dey jam talk, am in my right senses. Na because say I don see you as my sure nigga. DON no belong to any secret cult but if you get any f–k up way you want treat i be doctor and ah fit treat any f–k up if money is involved.
Me: Wao! Meaning that Yetunde paid you to kill me.
DON: Not you, she paid us to kill dammy anytime we sight her in the school.
Me: (Shocked!) even till now?
DON: If I see her now ah go kill her
DON: No fear, you be my guy nothing fit do you now.
Me: But why is she after dammy?
DON: She talk say she dey follow her drag boyfriend bla bla bla.
Me: That’s serious. DON, I swear ah don Jonz, you win me today. Next time ah go win you. I wan dey go house, I get assignment. I called the barman and paid her N5, 000 for the two crates of beer and asked DON to collect the change then I left.I left floxy at around 6:00pm and went directly to my house. Immediately I got to my room, I played the tape and saw it was perfectly recorded.

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