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I had eaten around 8:45pm and was about to sleep when my phone started ringing, it was a call from yetunde.
Yetunde: Hello Okomi, You can’t even call me since morning.
Me: No Vex, I wasn’t around.
yetunde: Well, i will be coming to your house tomorrow evening I really missed your touches.
Me: You mean?
Yetunde: shhhh? Good night. (Hanged up)I became Madder at her; I started thinking of how to end all what was on ground soon so that Damilola can come back to campus because examination was fast approaching. I was thinking of these when I slept off.The following morning was a lecture Free day for me, but despite that I still woke up early to take care of the house chores. I also wanted to go to damilola class to meet her H.O.C. So that he could help her on tests and other relating issues like assignments.I left home at around 9:00am in the morning and was going to school when my phone stated rigging I checked it and it was a call from Damilola I picked it.
Me: Hello dear
Damilola: Ayomi, good morning
Me: How was your night?
Damilola: it was fine, am thinking of coming to school today.
Me; oh no, don’t do that now everything is under control, infact, I’m on way to your class right now to go and meet your h.o.c to please help you on test relating issues.
Damilola: Ayoola, I will come let her kill me
Me: Ah ife mi please don’t risk it.
Damilola: Ayomi, it not as if I am being rude to you, just that can’t stay at home any longer, my parents’ are becoming Suspicious and they have even started suspecting me wrongly.
Me: eenh you have to
Damilola: Don’t worry if she is able to kill me then God wants it to be. be expecting me in the evening. (Hanged up) Immediately after the call, I became unconscious and derailed, is this the way damilola will come and waste her own life?But can’t she wait a little more, and this damilola is strong headed, she will come as she have said.I was thinking all this beside a car parked in front of COSMAS building the same sport where I received dammy’s call.I later left the place and went to damilola’s class. It was my very first time in the class, I was so new to those students. I started looking of how I could speak with one of the students who can take me to the h.o.c. As I was standing, I saw a guy standing alone in front of the class so I decided to approach him.
Me: Young man, good morning
Guy: Hello, how may I help you
Me: please can you take me to the h.o.c of the class
Guy: (Turned over and pointed a tall dark guy to me) that’s he
Me: Oh! Thanks so much.I approached the guy
Me: Hello bro, good morning
Guy: good morning sir
Me: please I need you to help me on something.
Guy: Okay I’m listening.
Me: There is a lady in this class who has not been around for a while and am having the feelings that she might have been missing either test or assignments or even the both.Please which help can you render to me in that aspect.
Guy: Well, about test, we have not written any test, but about assignment, the first assignment this semester was given yesterday and we are to submit today. Then we have been writing the attendance though those attendance are not collected they are still with me but the important thing is the assignment.
Me: Sighs! Please can you allow me to help her write the assignment?
Guy: Nothing bad, but you shouldn’t worry, I will give the work to someone to write for her.
me: Waoh! you Are so nice
guy: blushes
me: What’s your name?
Guy: Olumide
Me: Nice one, I’m Ayoola by name.I dipped my hand inside my trouser and removed my wallet; I opened it and gave him #1000 and paper containing the name and Damilola’s matrix number.
Olumide: (Collected it) thanks bro
Me: You are welcome, so let me have your number so that I can be calling you for updates.
olumide: 080884****
in the evening around 5pm, I was in my room arranging some stuffs when I heard a knock on my door, “ko ko ko”.
Me: Yes, who is it?
Knocker: it’s me Damilola,
Me: “Shocked”

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