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We departed in front of COSIT Very close to language laboratory. I walked through the route beside COSIT that leads to ijele, in less than 10mins, I had gotten to my hostel. On entering the gate, i sighted two pretty ladies sitting down in front of a room beside my room. I initially wanted to greet them but my “ego ” won’t allow me. I bounced to my door step, I picked my key from my crossed bag and entered into my room. As I entered I was peeping through my kitchen window to assess them very well but they couldn’t see me, after 2 minutes of peeping, they started a conversation and I could hear everything they were discussing clearly.
Lady 1: That guy is cute o
Lady 2: Which guy are you talking about?
Lady 1: Like you don’t know who I’m talking about
Lady 2: Did you mean that guy that just entered now?,
your neighbor?
Lady 1: Yes now, can’t you see he is cute?.
Lady 2: (hisses) that proud guy
Lady 1: Anh! Anh!! did u know him before?
Lady 2: I don’t know him from adam, but can’t he greet us when he came in?, he just entered like a dumb.
Lady 1: you don’t have a point and why can’t we greet too, I mean you for that matter that you are judging
Lady 2: It seems you are taking this too personal. Let’s change the topic
Lady 1: Better, but I like him sha
Lady 2: Ehn, go and toast him now
Lady 1: God forbid! (using her finger to rebuke it)
Lady 2: So, why are you now……..
Lady 1: (cut’s in) It’s okay change the topic.I remained at the window looking at both of them as they were arguing and I was just laughing.I left the window immediately after their conversations about me and I started thinking of what to eat for the night because it was already getting late.I had wanted to visit “NEW MARKET ” in Ijebu-Ode but there was no chance to do that and besides I was very tired already, looking for office has exhausted my strength’s. All this thoughts were going on my mind as I was lying down on the bed. I remained inside for another 10mins until I heard a knock on my door.
Knocker: ko ko ko
Me: Silenced
Knocker: Haywhy, open the door
Me: (a familiar voice heard from outside) who is it?
Knocker: answer me joor then i discovered it was my sister’s voice. I stood up from the bed to open the door for her.
*******ABOUT MY SISTER********
My sister was also a tasuedite in 400L. She was on “TP ”. Her house is not that far from mine, she stays at METRO While I stays at Ogunlana Success hotel, both on the same street.
************STORY LINE*********
She entered into my room and sat down on my reading chair. She picked my file on the table and started asking questions
SISTER: Have you signed your documents?
ME: No!
SISTER: Why? You supposed to have signed by now.
ME: Don’t mind me; it was one stupid boy that took me to H.O.D’S office that mistakenly knocked the H.O.D instead of the door.
SISTER: Anh! Anh!! how?
ME:As we got to the h.o.d’s door and he was about to knock, the h.o.d coincidentally came out and his head was knocked instead of the door and the funniest part was that the H.O.D has a bald head.
SISTER: “Laughs out loud ” but how about other signatories?
ME: All protocols should be duely observed, if H.O.D didn’t sign, nobody can sign it.
SISTER: OH! That’s true.so what did you cook?
ME: Cook ke? I’m just entering the house now. And by the way, when did you come back from Abeokuta? Today is Monday and you supposed to be at your “T.P” Center.
SISTER: I came to take something at home; I will be going back tomorrow morning
ME: okay! I’m, hungry.
SISTER: Even me, why don’t you cook before?
ME:I was supposed to visit “NEW MARKET ” Today to buy some things but I’m very tired.
SISTER: Hmmm, Hope you are going for lectures aha?
ME: I just resumed today now.
SISTER: eeyah, so when last did you see your daddy?
ME: Is he not your own daddy? Anyway when I got to ijebu ode on Saturday I called him that I was around and he asked me to come
SISTER: then after that nkor?
ME: He told me he was on sabbatical leave that he’d be travelling to Ghana tomorrow.
SISTER: To go and do what?
ME: well, I forgot to ask him that so maybe when he calls you or you call him you can always ask him yourself.
SISTER: oogbadun, so what did he give you?
ME: Nothing much, he only gave me “N5,000” to add to what he gave me before.
SISTER: How much did he give you before?
ME: why do you want to know? Must you know everything?
SISTER: that doesn’t even matter, Where is my own share of the N5, 000, he gave you.
ME: Hmmm, don’t worry I will give you N1,000
SISTER: plus the N1, 000 you are owing me
ME: Hmmm, you don turn ijebu finish, okay, I Will give you N2000

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