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My sister suggested we should go out and find something to eat in the town. I changed my dress from shirt and trouser that I wore to school to a penciled jean and a blue poloralph on a Versace palm, I sprayed a perfume of a lovely fragrance and robbed powder on my face.
SISTER: Are you going there to pick a wife?
ME: You can’t understand.
Sister: Ashewo oshi, sha let us know them on time.
ME: just relax. Eni t’an gbeyawo bo waba o ki n garun,We have stepped out of the house and have already locked the door when my sister remembered that she forgot her phone in my room. I gave her the key to go and pick it as I waited for her at the door step. As I was standing, I was codedly looking at the girl that claims she likes me and I could see the lusty looks she was giving me. I was just like this girl no know me say ah be badoo.Shortly after, my sister came out with her phone and we stepped out of the gate together.We walked through the school clinic to the tiled road that leads to the school gate, my sister and I were gisting as we were going and after about 10mins of walking, we got to the school. At the gate, there are buses and cars going to Lagos garage. we entered a car going to Lagos garage, it was only two passengers that remained before we entered, and the car moved just almost immediately we entered. In less than 20mins, the car got to Lagos garage and everybody came down. I paid 140naira for the fare and we were about to leave the bus stop.
ME: Where are we going to eat now?
SISTER: Sha lets go we trekked to cross the road under the bridge at Lagos garage and we started walking through the road that leads to “ADEOLA.”. After another 3mins of trekking, my sister crossed to the other side of the road and entered into a canteen. I read the name of the canteen from the advertising bill board “AROMA food canteen”. As we entered, the lady that owns the canteen and my sister started exchanging greeting as if they are longtime friends.
AROMA: Oga o, ebu yepe ibi dani ni?
SISTER: Not like that, I’m Now on T.P.ON MY MIND, I was thinking that my sister have become a regular customer at a canteen.
SISTER: Aroma, this is my brother o, he just entered Tasued.
AROMA: Eeyah, Fine boy. I was even thinking he is your boyfriend because he is taller than you are.
SISTER: (Laughs) he did his ND in MAPOLY, so he came in here as a direct entry student.
AROMA: Wao! that’s good, daddy nko?
Sister: He is fine, please Aroma your questions are now getting too much, I’m very hungry than all this you are doing jare
AROMA: Eeyah, what do you want to eat?
SISTER: do you have Iyan?
SISTER: And Egusi?
SISTER: good, give me 3 wraps of iyan and egusi with cart fish.
Aroma: Okay? She faced me ————–
Aroma: “Uncle, you nkor”
Me: “blushing” give me the same course.
SISTER: Do you have chilled fanta?
Aroma: yes?
SISTER: Give us 2.The lady served us the food and went out. We washed our hands and started eating and there was no conversation till we finished our foods. After the meal, my sister called on the lady to ask of our bill.
SISTER: How much is our bills
AROMA: N1,200 My sister brought out N1,500 from her purse to pay her and we left almost immediately after the payment.We crossed to the other side of the bridge and started trekking as if we were going to epe garage.On that lawn, not too far from the bridge is the car park of ijagun and school area bus stops.On getting to the car park, we met an empty bus on turn and we entered it, not up to 5mins after we have entered, the bus was already full and we started going.

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