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It was exactly 7:05pm in the evening, the bus dropped us at the school gate and we started trekking home, we passed the same route we passed while going. We were discussing as were going.
ME: Yes dear
SISTER: Oogbadun, Have you watched the episode 15 of the Jenifa’s diary?
ME: Season what?
ME: No
Sister: You don miss o.She wanted to start narrating it but I declined, insisting that she should send it to my laptop so that I could watch from there.We got back home at around 7:30 pm after enough “serenren” on the road. my sister branched at my house to send the video to my laptop before left for her house.After she had left, I was the only person in the room, though I was watching videos on my laptop, but I’m yet not comfortable. there was no PHCN light so there was serious Heat in the room.I decided to go outside to enjoy fresh breeze. I quickly took out my laptop and my reading chair to seat directly in-front of my room.After about 10mins of sitting down outside watching videos, the two ladies that I saw in the afternoon came out from their room and were walking out of the main gate, One of them greeted me but I replied “casually” still concentrating on the video I was watching.They both walked pass me and went out of the gate, about 5mins after, one of them came back and that happened to be the one that greeted me.She passed me again and entered into her room, yet I still concentrated on my video.After about 3mins, she came out with a plastic stool and sat down in front of her room. She placed her chair almost beside me and she was pressing phone.There was no conversation for some minutes, but after some minutes of no conversation she got me engaged.
Lady: Sorry Uncle, is that Jenifa’s dairy
ME: (I pretended as if I didn’t hear what she said. I was actually playing hard to get)
LADY:Repeated the question)
ME:(faced her) Sorry, are you talking to me?
LADY: Yes?
ME: Sorry, I thought you were on call. Yes it’s Jenifer’s dairy
LADY: and that is episode what?
ME: Episode 15 of the season 3
LADY: Whoa! can I join you in watching it?
ME: I have watched about 3 episodes now. Maybe i should send it to your phone
LADY: oops! I don’t have memory card on my phone.
ME: Eeyah, let me start again from the beginning then for you to enjoy.
I restarted the movie so that she could watch the scenes that I have watched.She brought her chair closer to me and we started watching


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