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After about 20mins of watching without conversation, my laptop gave a signal of low battery “to to to”.
LADY: Oooh! Your laptop is about to go off the battery is low.
ME: Yes, I have watched about 3 movies with it before without charging.
LADY: The backup is very strong then
ME: Yes, it’s a new laptop
LADY: Hmmm, that good. How much did you get it?
ME:(which kind question, you want refund am?) Ican’t even remember
LADY: Okay, that’s good She sounded so happy especially when we started conversations.
Lady: Are you a fresh student too?
ME: Yes and you?
LADY: Yes I’m in biology department 100L. How about you?
Me: I’m also in biology department but in 200 level.
LADY: How come?
ME: (Smile) I entered through direct entry.
LADY: Which school did you graduate from?
ME: Moshood abiola polytechnic
LADY: Eeyah, that’s a very good school but why not go for your HND instead of coming here?
ME: That should be a talk of another day, I’m very tired, and infact I need to sleep right now.
LADY: Why are you so tired?
ME: I was stressed today looking for offices of the Signatories to my documents.
LADY: Eeyah, I did my registration last week and it wasn’t stressful at all, though the H.O.D of the biology department is a friend to my dad.
ME: Wao! Are you for real?
LADY: I’m very serious now. I can even take you to his office tomorrow
ME: really?
LADY: If you don’t mind.
ME: Thank you, I don’t mind.I closed my laptop, and bid her good night. I carried my laptop and my chair and entered into my room, she also took her chair and entered into her room.
As I was on my bed, I was just imagining the scenario that happened outside and why she was trying every possible means to get closer to me even when I was trying to avoid her.
*****flash back*******
I have experienced enough to be wise from ladies, I know those that read my story
***only for love**** would understand better, how OYIN cheated on me after much love and commitment that I deposited in the relationship yet she jilted me. This was the same way she showed interest before I finally fell into her trap. It was only God that saved me that time.
********STORY LINE********
Of a truth, I like this girl, she looks so much attractive with her figure 8 shape, she has a chocolate complexion i.e not too dark nor too fair.She also has a good set of teeth in her sexy mouth. hmmmmmm “Ayoola play wisely”. I was still on thoughts when I got lost in the dream world.The following morning was Tuesday, I woke up healthy, prayed to God and tidy up my room and did other necessary cleanings in my kitchen and in my toilet before dashing into the bathroom to take my bath. I did all these in my room without going out. my room is just like a flat.I was through in the bathroom and I have entered into the room when I heard a knock on my door. I quickly put on my boxers before opening the door.
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