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It was my sister at the door and immediately I opened the door and saw her I greeted her
ME: good morning ma
SISTER: How are you?
ME: I’m fine and you?
SISTER: I’m fine and you can see that. I’m about to leave, I must get to Abeokuta before 9:00, o’clock.
ME: You can still make it now, it’s just quarter to 7?As we were discussing, I heard another knock on my door.
Knocker: ko ko ko
ME: Who is it?
Knocker: it’s me.I heard a familiar voice of the lady that promised to help me out with my registration.
ME: Come in She opened the door and entered into the room. I introduced her to my sister.
ME: Sister, she is my neighbor, she promised to help me with my registration.
Sister: Ooh! Thank you, what’s your name (referring to her)
LADY: My name is damilola.
SISTER: whao! What a Nice name, nice to meet you.
DAMILOLA: (smiling face) it’s my pleasure ma.I was thinking that even me didn’t remember to ask for her name.
Sister: (turned to me) Ayo, where is the money you promised to give me?
ME: en-en, I said it now
SISTER: That what?
ME: that you have turned to ijebu finish, you can’t even forget.
SISTER: mtcheeeew, See you, something that I dreamt about
ME: Really?*I searched for my wallet and found it under the pillow, I slipped out 2 new 1000 naira notes from it and handled it over to her. She collected the money and wanted to rush out.
ME: An! An! Is that how you will leave? Just like that
SISTER: ** she stopped at the door ** what do you want again?
ME: Won’t you hug me before you go?
SISTER: You en! (opened her arms)I Went to meet her to receive the hug after which she opened the door and left.Now it was only me and damilola in the room. I noticed she has been standing.
ME: But why do you have to stand? Did anybody ask you not to sit down?
DAMILOLA: Its okay I will (sat down on my reading chair) but you are too late in dressing?
ME: It was my Sister that came in now, I was almost through before she came.
DAMILOLA: Sha make it snappy.I removed a black Versace pant trouser from the hanger and was thinking of which shirt I should wear on it then I remembered I just collected 3 of my shirts from the dry cleaner before I left lagos. I quickly went into my box and picked a pink shirt from it and wore it on the black trouser and a black Paul smith shoe, I used my wrist watch and a silver chair, I sprayed my usual perfume and picked my crossed back. As I was dressing I could notice the lusty looks she was giving me but I didn’t make it so obvious that I saw it all.I was already through with my dressing so I called her by name,
ME: damilola I’m through lets get going she was surprised that I called her by name.
Damilola: “Surprisingly” How did you know my name?
ME: When I’m not deaf when you were telling my sister the other time.
Damilola: Hmmm, you are Ayo right.
Me: Yes Sure! Damilola: Close the door and let’s go.I closed the door and dropped the key in my Crossed bag. It was 7:30am we stepped out of the gate and started making advances towards school.

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