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NATASHA-episode 1

Episode 1
I was in a deep slumber when I heard some one ranting like a mad dog outside. Immediately I went outside and it was mama Nkechi
Me: good afternoon ma plz who are u looking for
Mama Nkechi: where is that your stupid mother that refuse to pay me my money
My mother rushed out from the house immediately
Mrs adams: mama Nkechi hope all is well this one u came to my house today
Mama nkechi: you this woman where is my 8 thousand naira
Mrs Adams: haba!! Mama Nkechi I told you that I will give you the money when I have it
Mama Nkechi: you know I am from Nnewi and we don’t play with money I am going no where without my money today
Me: mama Nkechi my mother said she will pay you when she have the money
Mama Nkechi kept on shouting and barking until she drew the attention of the neighbors
Landlord: what is happening here??
Mama Nkechi: this your useless tenant refuse to pay me my money that she borrowed
Neighbor3: na why you dey disturb me
Neighbor2: so na because of money you no want make I enjoy my bae
Landlord: how much are we talking about here?
Mama Nkechi: 8 thousand naira
Neighbors: chicken change
Neighbor5_pastor: mama Nkechi pls don’t be annoyed give mama johnbull a little more time maybe 2 weeks by the grace of God I believe she will pay up
Landlord: yes I agree with you pastor pls Mama Nkechi..
Mama Nkechi: thank your stars mama johnbull if not I could have delt with you today
Me: thank you mama Nkechi
Our neighbors went angrily into there various apartment including the Landlord….. Mama Nkechi happen to be a woman selling food in our street… My mother borrowed 8 thousand from her to pay my school fees… My name is johnbull the only child of my parents, my father die when I was 8 since then me and my mother has been managing. Eating 2 square meal is a big thing in my family. My mother sells tomato and pepper in the market.. I am a student of babisky high school in ss3 precisely to round it up I am a labour prefect.

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