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NATASHA-episode 3

Episode 3
I was rushing my food before amaka joined us. (You know as a guy u need to behave your self
When u are with a girl.) I started eating slowly like a gentle guy. Chinedu noticed it and asked if I was alright… After the meal we decided to play a little game before helping Chinedu in his assignment. We played ludo and woth for about 20 minutes before I told Chinedu to bring his assignment. The assignment took me not less than 10 minutes and I was through.. Amaka Chinedu’s sister who attends fountain land snr college she is in ss1, she is beautiful, tall and good looking ( I dey eye her small small). We were all discussing and laughing when Chinedu’s dad came in.
We: good afternoon sir
Dad: how are you doing??
We: fine sir
Dad: Chinedu who is this young man
Chinedu: he is my classmate he came visiting after church
Dad: that’s no problem hope you have given him something to eat Amaka: yes dad
Dad: OK feel free boy
Me: thank you sir
After few minutes of discussing I decided to go home to prepare for school the next day. I waved amaka bye she also waved back at me. Chinedu escorted me to the gate before we exchanged good bye greetings… I trekked on the dusty road which lead to my house. Immediately I got home my mother handed me over 120 naira, she said that she went to do some cleaning in mr coca’s house ( chair man of our street) down the street and she was paid 420 naira. I felt pity for her my eyes were filled with tears. I composed my self and hugged her. She asked me if I have eaten, I told her I ate in Chinedu’s house. We discussed a little more before I decided to sleep a little
****Monday morning****
I woke up refreshed, I said my prayer, helped my mom in cleaning our one room apartment few minutes later I was ready for school. My mom gave me 50 naira to eat in school, I dashed off to school happily( thank God I see money today) on getting to the school they have started assembly. I sneaked in immediately so that the principal Mr Udoh will not see me and query me for coming late as a labor prefect. I tooked my position in the assembly ground suddenly I heard my name Johnbull!! I looked to the direction of the sound and it was mr udoh……. TBC….

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