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NATASHA-episode 5

Episode 5

When I got home my mom was not around I quickly soaked Garri because hunger dey wire me. When I finished eating I heard someone calling my name, I went outside and it was aunty vero the wife of our neighbor living opposite our apartment
Aunty vero : johnbull abeg come help me on my gen e no gree start
Me: OK make we go
We went to the place the gen was, I switched on the switch , on the fuel tap and changed the choke. I pulled the starter rope 3 times and the gen answered
Aunty vero: thank you are, you are a darling
Me: in my mind(naso you no get power self na only shakara you sabi) no problem I will be going now.
Aunty vero; bye bye go well.
I dashed out of the compound very fast to meet up with kelly when I suddenly hit shade face to face who was running into the compound and her bouncing boobs threw me on the floor( no call me bad boy)
Shade; johnbull or whatever they call you can’t you see I was coming or are u blind
Me:(still sitting on the floor) I was on a motion too how will I see you
Shade: mtcheew stupid boy
She left me there on the floor and entered the building. I stood up, dust my trouser and continued my journey. I got to her house, knocked on the gate
G.keeper: na who I be??
Me: its me johnbull
G. Keeper: Kai I be johnbull. who I dey look for
Me: kelly
G. Keeper; who I be to Kelly
Me: abeg open this gate why you dey ask all this questions you be police?
G. Keeper: Kai Walahi I dey mad
Me: maybe you are mad because you are behaving like one
Kelly heard her gate keeper exchanging words without some one, she quickly ran downstairs coming to the gate
Kelly: musa what is happening who is that at the gate??
Musa; I no no e say my name na janbu
Kelly: do you mean johnbull
Musa: yooowa
Kelly: let him in immediately idiot
Musa: sarry small madam
Musa opened the gate for me as I enter she hugged me tightly surprising me then I remembered what chinedu told me “be careful”. We walked into her fathers building which was a duplex ( it was my first time of going to her house) I sat on one of the chairs while she went to the kitchen to get something….. TBC… pls someone should call the register.

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