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NATASHA-episode 6

Episode 6
I scanned the house with my eyes and I noticed that it was a duplex consisting of 5 bedroom, 2 sitting room 1 dining and a kitchen. The materials that was used in furnishing the house looked foreign and attractive including the wall clock. Kelly came out with a tray containing a 5 alive juice, 2 glass cups and a packet of short bread
Me: are all this for me
Kelly: (laughing) yes oo let’s eat together.
Me; no problem
After eating we went to the dinning to start the business of the day. After the teaching she was very happy because now she can draw lots of carbon chain. I check the wall clock situated in the sitting room and the time was past 6 I decided to leave and go help my mom pack her goods in the market. Kelly perked me which sent some shock into my spine. She gave me 500 naira for my transport I rejected at first but she forced me and I gladly collected it. She escorted me to the gate before she bade me goodbye.. I ran as fast as I could to the market because it was getting late. In no time I was at the market, I went to my mom portion for the tomato sellers, there was no good to park because she sold them all I was very happy and I can see the smile on her face. She counted her money for the day and we went home………. This was how life went on and it was two weeks to my waec exam….
In mr udoh’s office
Mr Udoh; Adam johnbull you are the only student remaining to pay for waec or are you not writing waec
Me: sir its not like that, if I had the money I could have payed
Mr Udoh: so what are you insinuating
Me: sir pls just give me a week I will pay
Mr Udoh: that is your problem remember that you are owing the school 6 thousands naira and u will not be allowed to stay in school tomorrow now leave my office
Me: thank you sir
I walked back to my class confused and frustrated. I was unhappy throughout that day Kelly and chinedu noticed it and ask but I gave them no reasonable answer. Immediately I got home I thought of visiting one of my friend who lives in the ghetto he is into bricklaying job( after school). When I got to his house he was about going out when I narrated my problem to him. He assured to help me, he said he will beg his boss to accept me. I was very happy and we both went to his working site….. TBC…. Sb call d roster

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