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Natasha-Episode 7

Episode 7

When we got to the working site they were building a bungalow. Ajara explained to his boss that I want to join them in the job, the boss agreed after giving me some terms and conditions and how much I will be paid as commission daily. We agreed on 750 naira per day and I will work from 5pm till 8pm . I joined them immediately in the work I started carrying block with Ajara and 2 other boys, when we were through we switched to mixing cement sand and gravel which we served to some men who were on a scaffold in the building wall. After working I was very tired and weak my back was paining me due to that was my first time of engaging In such work. I was already close to my house when I saw shade;
Shade: fool where are u coming from?
Me: what concern you
Shade: your mother is looking for you, one girl also came looking for you
Me: eh thank you I don here
(Shade is the daughter of our land lord.. She like feeling on top of the world)
I entered our compound and saw my mother waiting for me outside
Mrs Adam: johnbull my son where have you been..
Me: I went out to see a friend( I lied because if I tell her the truth she will stop me from going there)
Mrs Adam: a friend and you are coming back by this time be careful johnbull be careful
Me: I have heard you.
We went inside our apartment, I told my mum wat the principal said and she gave me a thousand note to give the principal. I kept the money together with the 750 I was paid making it 1750 naira in total.

**next day babisky high school**
I came to school as early as 7:00 am, I went straight to the principal office. luckily for me he was just coming
Me: good morning sir
Mr Udoh: morning can I help you??
Me; sir I want to pay some money for my school fee
Mr Udoh: how much is with you
Me:(stammering) 1700 naira
Mr Udoh what? Is that money? You are owing 6000 naira and you are giving the school 1700 naira
Me: pls sir that is what my mom gave me
Mr Udoh: give me the money(he collected the money forcefully)
I thought it was over, I went to my class and waited for assembly time

*** assembly time***
The assembly was going on while I was in my duty post. After the national anthem and pledge the principal mounted the school podium with a book in his hand.
Mr Udoh: the following students are debtors and should not be seen any where around the school until they pay up


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