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Natasha-Episode 10

Episode 10
**continuation from the last scene**
‘ do your job if she hinders you flog her.
The boys (kabiru and bosco) pushed Kelly away while they continue flogging johnbull until he passed out.

**** 40 minutes later “****
Johnbull woke up sweating profusely and his cloth was fully soaked with water.

[colour=red]**johnbull side of the story continues**[/colour] I woke minutes later, my body and cloth was wet, while my eyes were on a rotational motion. I could not find kelly nor anybody in the compound. I was very weak and tired, I managed to crawl to the gate side before musa came to open it for me ( telling me sorry and feeling pity for me in hausa manner). I left the compound walking helplessly to my house. When I got home I applied ointment to the wound in my body and slept off.
My mother came back in the night after a stressful day in the market. When she saw my body she asked what happened to me after narrating it to her, she started crying and lamenting saying if we were not poor we will not be humiliated. I hugged and consoled her giving her words of encouragement. She gave me some analgesic and central nerves relaxation drugs before I slept off.

***kelly side continues***
I did all I could to stop my dad but all my effort was abortive, rather he took me inside and locked me up in a room. I was still in the room crying until I slept off. I was in the room till 9pm before I was released through the aid of my mom, that same night my dad seized my phone, complicating the matter. I knew crying could not solve the problem, I just had to pray for my love that nothing should happen to him before I slept that night..
The next day chinedu went to johnbull house apologizing for running away in that critical situation, instead of standing by his friend and carry the burden together. Johnbull forgave chinedu, while they discussed other things.
One weeks later johnbull was back to his normal state all the sore was healed and he regained strength fully and continue his hustle.

**johnbull side of the story continues**
I was about entering the compound toilet to take my bath when shade approached me
“johnbull have you checked your waec result??”

” No is it out?? ”

Yeah my principal called my dad this morning to inform him.

OK thanks for the information I will check mine today.

I took my bath immediately, get dressed and started going to the cyber cafe. I was on my way to the cyber cafe grooving to “no kissing” by patoranking and sarkodie on my phone with my ear piece, when a police van approached me suddenly.
I heard am man saying that is the boy arrest him. I looked forward to the direction of the voice, I was surprise to see Kelly’s dad.

” leave me alone what did I do?? ”
” you have the right to remain silent for anything you say will be used against you in the law court”
(see Nigerian police they did not tell me my offense and they are talking of law court).
They took me into the van while I was sitting in between two police men with cuffs on my hand…

***police station****
They took me out of the van, directed me into the police station, demanding for my shirt, trouser, and phone. I gave them all they asked for, while they directed me to a cell(prisoners room).
In the cell I met three awful looking prisoners, they looked like criminals and I was a bit scared of them.
“good afternoon ”

” how you dey??” the first prisoner said
“am fine ”
” so wetin be your name sef”

” my name is johnbull”

“you dey mad??( the third prisoner said). We dey talk to you, you come dey speak grammer”( coming to slap me)

” leave am leave am, the guy na our guy(first prisoner). Make I officially introduce my self. Na me be ratata the only rattling snake, na me be the commander here”…
I could see his big tooth..

” (second prisoner) na me be pato aka pat the tiger.. You fit ask about me. You see this mark for my head, no be parting na cutlass do am… You see that guy wey wan slap you na him be koded sneh ”

“OK I don here una no problem”

Ratata: wetin bring you come here??
Me: guy na my girlfriend papa oo because say I come her house the papa con talk say the girl dey spent all him money for my head. He beat me sha for im house that day, today the foolish man come arrest me.
Ratata: (laughing out loud) this your story dey ratatic ooo..
Sneh:walahi the story sweet..
Pato: guy noo lele we dey by your side..
See this criminals oo what did they have to offer me I said to my self……….. TBC…….

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