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Natasha-Episode 11

Episode 11

**johnbull side of the story continues**
I was still in the cell when a policeman unlock the cell gate, asking me to come out. I was very happy (thank God I have been bailed) I waved Ratata, pato and sneh goodbye while I followed the officer. I was still walking with the police officer when he gave me a direction to enter a room I obeyed and enter the room. When I entered the room it was very dark with two other hard looking police men sitting and waiting for me. They gave me a seat, which I sat on.

“(officer 1) young man you need to be honest with us, because if you play smart, you will not like your condition”

“who is Kelly to you”. The second officer asked

Me; she is just a friend
Officer3: a friend!!!!!
( I received two hot slaps immediately )

Me:( tears forming in my eyes) sorry she is my girl friend( with the tension in me)

Officer1: good now you are talking… So tell us, when last did you have s-x with her??

Me: sir I swear I have not done that before..
Before I finished the statement I received two blows from opposite direction, which made blood to start coming out of my mouth..
Officer 2: answer you liar

Me: (crying out loud) Officers let me be honest with you I have not seen Kelly’s bra talk less of her panties.

Officer1: do you think we are playing with you here??. Give me the hot iron he demanded.

The red hot iron was given to him while he used it on my p-nis.
Jesus!!! I yelled…
Officer1: answer me now before I do something worst.
“I will confess,” I said out of pain.
Me: I had s-x with her two weeks ago ( I lied due to the pain I was passing through)..

Officers: (smiling) good boy
Officer3: now you are cooperating.
Officer1: now listen every thing you said has been recorded. We will give the record to chief tomorrow.

I was taken back to the cell, the other prisoners were surprised to see me back because they thought I have been bailed.
Ratata: guy wetin do you na….. I think say dey don bail you.
Sneh: (laughing out loud) the foolish guy they tell us bye, he no no say e dey go battle field. Lol.
Pato: guy take heart, God is your strength. All this stage we don pass am.
I snubbed them because I was in pain, blood and water was coming out of my p-nis, I was really feeling hot down there.

**Mrs Adams side of the story**
I came back from the market that evening but johnbull was not at home. I did not bother my self because that has always been johnbull’s life, being outside by this time of the day.. I prepared food that we are going to eat that night before resting a little bit. I woke by 9pm but my son was not back, I became scared. I went to meet some of my neighbors asking for johnbulls way about but they did not give me any reasonable answer. I even went to some of his friends house asking for him, but they did not see him. I also went to Kelly’s house, but there gateman told me that he has not seen him. When I got home still complaining that I did not see my son, some of my neighbors advised me to stay calm. Maybe he has decided to spend the night somewhere… I saw sense in there word, I went to sleep hoping to see my son the following day.

**Kelly side of the story**
My dad came back home that evening very happy, he gave me back my phone that he seized and told musa that he should allow me go anywhere I want to go. I was very surprise at that because it was a new behavior. At the same time I was also happy because I was going to see my love the next day. I went into my room immediately brought out one of my best cloth, and got it ready for the following day….. TBC

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