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Natasha-Episode 12

Episode 12
**Mrs Adams side of the story continues**
10am the next morning I could not find johnbull this time around I was extra worried, I got dressed heading to chinedu’s house to ask if he has heard from johnbull. I was still on my way when I over heard some people by the road side discussing about a boy that was suddenly arrested by some police men yesterday. Out of anxiety I went to them asking for the boys names, they gave me no reasonable answer than to go to the police station and ask.

**police station**
“Good morning officers”

” yes morning can we help you??”
“officers please I came to ask if my son is here”

“wetin be your son name”

“johnbull sir”

“ohh that stupid boy na ya son” the second officer said

” my son is not stupid”

” (first officer) madam you no fit see that boy until chief instruct us to”

“which chief are you talking about?? ”

” chief nnajiofor”

” but what did my son do?? ”

“officer 2: madam comot for here, we are not ready for this your questioning and answer”

“pls officer let me see my son”

” officer 1: (raising his voice) madam get away from hia.. Abeg segun give me that gun..

I ran out of the station immediately, those officers are not ready to help me.. I went home preparing to visit chief nnajiofor (Kelly’s dad).
**Kelly side continues**
I woke up that morning feeling very happy… (I was dreaming of my love).. I waited for my parents to go to work before I embark on my journey to my johnbull house, so that they will not trace my movement. Hours later my parent left for work, I wore one of my best clothes, shoe, boarded a taxi to johnbull house.
On getting to his compound I saw his mother boiling in anger immediately she saw me.
“what are you doing in my house??, you witch”

“ma am not a witch, I came to see johnbull to ask for forgiveness for what happened in my house the other day”

“you still have the gut to come here after what your money miss road father did to my son, that one is by the way. Did you know that your father locked my son up in the police station since yesterday”

” ma I did not know anything about this”(confused)

“I am coming to your house this evening, your father will see my evil side today”

“ma pls don’t come to my house, That’s even what I came to tell johnbull. Pls my father can be crazy, to avoid any unforseen event pls don’t come”.

I left the compound, hurried back to my house. To my greatest surprise, when I got to my house I saw my fathers car in the compound, I became angry, instantly I turned evil(you could see the evilness in me). I went up stairs heading to his room with red eyes, when I heard him talking to someone on phone. I pause, deciding to stay back and hear what the phone call is all about…..
“inspector Thats very good of you, just send me the record”


” I promise you the money. I will send it to your account tomorrow”

“** ************************** ********”

My dad: the inspector will send the record soon
Unknown person(in the room): Ok he should hurry up.

Who is that person inside the room with my dad could that be my mom(I said to my self). Few minutes later I heard the notification pop sound of my dad’s phone.
My dad: the record is here
Unknown person ; Ok play it at once..
My dad played the record
My dad: you see it I do not trust that boy..
Unknown person: so this boy has slept with my daughter.. I will kill him.
So my mom is also part of this. I got more angry(uncontrollable) and barged into the room. They where when they saw me

(crying)”dad why are you such a wicked father??? Why did you hate this boy so much, is it because he is poor. Dad I love him can’t you understand”

“shut up, what did you know about love he is not the right man for you” my mom said,

” I am not talking to you mom. Now let me ask you assuming your parents did not allow you to marry dad how will you feel”
(she was shut of words)
“dad I want you to call the officers now to release johnbull”

“never!! I will not do such a thing, he will remain there and die”

“Ok no problem, no problem(steping backward slowly) I am going straight to the kitchen to get a knife and stab my self so we can die together)
My mom fell on the floor begging my dad as soon as she heard that word.
” pls my husband, release the boy do you want to lose your only daughter because of a boy. She is right at least you don’t have a son, why don’t you take John as your son pls my husband ”

“fine I will release the boy immediately but for him being my son never!! ” my dad said angrily.
He pick his phone, dail the inspector number asking him to free the poor boy Immediately…… TBC….

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