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Natasha-Episode 13

Episode 13
**Johnbull side of the story continues
I was talking and gisting with my goons when another police officer asked me to come out
“Johnbull!!! Come outside”the
officer said
Sneh:oya guy go take another round
Ratata: guy just take heart, nothing last forever.
Pato:(just laughing like mumu)

I came out of the cell getting prepared for the next round of torture. I followed the officer slowly but to my surprise we passed the dark room heading to the counter. The police officer gave me my clothes and phone telling me to leave the station
” oga you mean say make I dey go”?!?

“comot for here, you are a free man now”

“thank you officer”
I was very happy at the same time sad and weak, the injury they gave me on my p-nis was giving me a kind of unpleasant sensation. I gradually went because I was weak at same time very hungry.
**Mrs Adams side of the story continues**
After what Kelly told me I decided to stay back hoping to get a good information from her. I was washing clothes in the front of the building, when someone opened the compound gate. I looked up and it was my son johnbull.
“ahhh johnbull my son” I went to rug him.
Johnbull could not say any but holding his private region and groaning..
“what is wrong with you”??
(he fainted immediately)
Neighbors help ooo, some body help, help my son is dying.
Two neighbors rushed out at once aunty vero and shade.
Aunty vero : mama johnbull wetin happen again.
Mrs Adams: plz help me let’s take him to the hospital[/color]

They rushed johnbull to a near by hospital down the street…

**Konami specialist hospital**
Immediately we got to the hospital, two nurses assisted us, Giving johnbull a bed before going to call the doctor. Few minutes later a handsome looking doctor entered the room where we were giving a bed
Doctor : good day madam am doctor Ayis Eliboy, I just got informed that a patient was brought in here so I came to check on him. What is wrong with him.
Mrs Adams: doctor I don’t know, he just fainted holding his private region.
Doctor Ayis checked his private region and discovered a big sore there close to his testis.

Doctor Ayis: madam how did he sustain such sore…
Mrs Adams: doctor its a long story (Mrs Adams told the doctor all about the police issue, but could not trace how he got the sore)
Doctor Ayis: am really sorry ma maybe he was tortured and the police men gave him the wound. Mrs Adams : I think so
Doctor Ayis: nurse Jane pls get me **** ********* 5mg, ******* 3mg, ******* injection and a **** ***drip.
Nurse Jane: OK doc.
Doctor Ayis: madam you don’t need to panic, he is in a coma now its normal for that kind of injury. But he will soon be awake soon.
5 minutes later nurse Jane was back with every thing doctor Ayis requested. Doctor Ayis injected some drugs into the drip and fix it to johnbull’s hand before leaving the room promising to come back later.
Aunty vero and shade stayed with us for some time before going…

[ B ]

***next day @ konami specialist hospital**

Mrs Adams side continues
I woke up as early as 6am that morning, hoping to see johnbull awake but he was not awake. By nine am same morning doctor Ayis came to check on him
“Mrs Adams plz if he wakes up notify me immediately”

“but doctor when will he wake?? ”

” you don’t need to worry he will wake any moment from now”

” OK doctor I will let you know when he wakes”
doctor Ayis left the room while aunty vero and shade came in few minutes later..
” ahh Good morning ooo” Mrs Adams said

“(aunty vero) how una dey?? Johnbull nko”

” ah he never wake up oo doctor say he go soon wake up”

“ha OK, just dey pray for am ooo.

” shade how are you? ”

” am fine ma. My daddy said I should greet you”

“OK extend my greetings to him”

” mama johnbull abeg manage this food wey I bring come”(giving Mrs Adams a nylon bag)

“thank you ooo. God go bless you”.

They gisted a little before aunty vero and shade left for the market………… TBC…….

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