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Natasha-Episode 15

from the last scene

I woke up sluggishly headed to the door to check who it was, I opened the door and I saw Kelly kneeling down in the front of my door.
“johnbull pls am very sorry for everything my dad has done to you, pls forgive him for my sake”

“are you through??. So why are you here? ”

” I came to apologize to you”

“OK I think you have done that, you can now go”(forming hard guy)

“are you sending me away? ”

” look at my hand what can you see”

“a plaster padded with wood”

” good am just coming back from the hospital because of you, hope you know that your dad locked me up in the station and I was nearly killed there due to the torture I received. Pls Kelly I love my life and I don’t want to lose it pls get out of my house”

” but am sorry. OK my dad will not do that again I promise”

“get out of here get out!! ”
( I closed my door and went inside)

Minutes later Kelly left the house with tear in her eyes boarded a taxi and went home.

**johnbull side continues**
Minutes later she left the house, but my mind was not at rest due to the way I treated her. Fortunately for me NEPA brought light, I quickly ironed the blue shirt am to use to go to school the following day. When I was done ironing I came out of my house to look around the compound when shade approach me.

“johnbull who is that girl that came to visit you? ”

“oh that girl.. She is my class mate”

“really so why was she crying while going home? ”

“was she crying ”

“yes she was. Why will you leave that beautiful girl to be crying? ”

” I don’t know oo”

“wait johnbull, u sure say you never do collabo with that girl, maybe that’s why she is crying”

” you are very stupid abeg comot for road joor ”
(shade can say rubbish for africa).
Monday morning
I woke up a bit relief, but I was feeling better than the previous day. I brushed my teeth, took my bath and ate my break fast(bread and tea). I wore the blue shirt I ironed with a chinos trouser and a versace Pam, looking posh and handsome. (chai babisky high school go hear am today). I went out of the compound, boarded a bike to school.
babisky high school
I was not that late, so many cars were in the school compound that is many parents came for the program including parent that their kids have passed out from the school. I was still walking when I saw three of my class mate Joy, Peter and Yvonne.

“oga nla (boss) longest time”

“no see. How you dey na”

“we just dey manage”

“(joy) johnbull you have forgotten about me abi”

“Noo is not like that I have been busy”

“wow thats good”

” Yvonne see as you throw face like say u no no me again”

“(killing smile) don’t mind me joor”

“guys let’s go to the hall they will be waiting for us”(Peter said)
We walked to the hall containing about 485 people, then we located our seat that was meant for the scholarship student. The hall was clothed with banners of the scholarship (fabulousvicky computer enterprise company yearly scholarship).
I was still scanning the hall when someone sat on the vacant seat beside me. I looked at the person and it was Kelly. Jesus!! see this devil oo I said to my self. I stood up immediately, thank God I sighted chinedu, I went to meet him because his row was vacant(only him was sitting on that row)
“father chemistry wetin dey sup”

“(panting) guy na Kelly oo, she com sedon near ”

” ahh for this parent, teachers and student program. That girl and her papa wan set you up ”

We continued our discussion until a young man from fabulousvicky computer enterprise company mounted the podium in the school hall.
FCEC young man:
Good day ladies and gentle men, proprietor, principal, teachers and student my name is osas, am one of the representatives of fabulousvicky computer enterprise company, we are happy to be in babisky high school this year. Our motive coming to this school is to give scholarship to three students with the best waec result to the university. The first position is going to be given scholarship to Madonna university Anambra, the second person will be give scholarship to bowen university while the third will be given scholarship to any federal university of his/her choice in Nigeria.
(the whole Congregation applauded him).
He left the podium while another female rep climbed.

Female rep:
Good day ladies and gentle men my name is lara and a representative of fabulousvicky computer enterprise company. We have gone through the result of student who wrote waec in babisky high school this year and have decided to give three of the student scholarship to various tertiary institutions in Nigeria. I call upon the principal Mr udoh to assist call the names of the students……… TBC……..

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