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Natasha-Episode 14

Episode 14
**konami specialist hospital**
exactly 2:45pm

johnbull was found on the hospital bed sneezing continuously due to his sneezing Mrs Adams woke up suddenly from the plastic chair she was sleeping on..
“doctor!!, nurse!! Doctor!! ” Mrs Adams yelled out.
Doctor Ayis came immediately with three other nurses Jane, hauwa and kemi..
Dr Ayis used his stethoscope to check johnbull heart beat and other things.

Dr Ayis: mrs Adams your son Is awake now, he needs something energetic now.. Due to the medications he received.
Mrs Adams dashed out of the room immediately, to get johnbull a lucozade and glucose D. Few minutes later she was back with the items, this time she was very happy because johnbull was sitting down on the hospital bed. She opened the lucozade assisting johnbull to take it. Johnbull finished it in 20 secs, while the doctor Instructed her to mix the glucose D with water and give him..
When everything was in control the doctor and the nurses left, the doctor promise to return in some hours with the result of the test he conducted on johnbull….
4:30pm, konami specialist hospital
Johnbull was seen lying down on the hospital bed and receiving treatment from a drip in room 3, mrs Adams sitting on a chair in room 3 feeling happy because her son is finally awake, a doctor Ayis was found coming out of his officer with a file that looked like a lab report book heading to room 3.
(Dr Ayis opened the room door)
DrAyis : good day mrs Adams.. How is he doing??
Mrs Adams : we thank God finally he is awake.
DrAyis : this is his test result that was conducted on him
Mrs Adams : doctor how is it?
DrAyis : the test is very good, the result shocked me because where he was given the injury was in his testis, at first I thought he was going to be impotent for life but to my surprise the test is showing that he is potent..
Mrs Adams : thank God, that is great. So doctor when are we going to be discharged??
DrAyis : tomorrow afternoon, when his medication is complete. That reminds me, his erection will be low now, so I advise that he should abstain from sexual intercourse.
Mrs Adams : doctor don’t mention, he won’t do that he is still a virgin.
(johnbull smiled a little on hearing that)
Dr Ayis left the room while a nurse came in to give Mrs Adams a bill. When the nurse was gone, Mrs Adams still kept her gaze on the bill.

mum why that look is anything wrong with the bill?”

“our bill is 12 thousand naira and what I have is only 5 thousand naira”

” don’t worry go home and check my box of clothes you will see 10 thousand naira, use it to settle them”

“johnbull are you for real? and where did you get such an amount of money? ”

“(laughing) well that my savings. I forgot to tell you am into bricklaying job, so I am saving the money for university”

“that really good of you.. OK let me be going. Take care of your self”

“OK mum. See you”

few minutes later John bull’s phone was ringing, looking at the caller it was no other person than chinedu.
“my mathematician how far na” johnbull said

“father chemistry I dey ooo. Guy where you dey na since five days now I never see you wetin dey sup ”

“guy you no go understand na long story”

“cut am short”

“just ball come konami specialist hospital room 3”

“e don reach hospital matter.. OK no lele I dey on the move ”
**Kelly side of the story continues**
throughout the day I have been going to johnbull house to and fro but I could not find anybody including the neighbors, the compound was deserted. 5:26pm same day an idea came to my head to go and ask chinedu if he knows johnbull way about. Minutes later I was in front of chinedu’s compound.

Gate keeper:who is that??
Me: its me Kelly
(he opened the gate while I came in)
Gate keeper: who are you looking for
Me: chinedu
( we were still talking when chinedu was bouncing out of the building)
Chinedu : hey Kelly what are you doing in my house??
Kelly: plz am so sorry for what happened in my house the other day, my dad can be crazy at times.
Chinedu : Collins!!
Collins: sir
Chinedu : do not allow this girl enter this compound again else you know what my dad can do.
Collins : sorry sir oya madam get out of this compound (pushing Kelly out)

I was pushed out of the compound (no one has ever done such a thing to me). Chinedu boarded a bike leaving me….
**konami specialist hospital 6:21pm**
chinedu side of the story

the bike man dropped me in the front of konami specialist hospital, a very known hospital in the area.. Its my family hospital. I entered the hospital heading to the reception.

Me: good evening, I greeted the nurses in the reception.
Nurse 2: chinedu how are you(the fair looking nurse Jane recognized me)
Me: am fine ma
Nurse hauwa : (another sexy looking nurse) plz who are you looking for??
Me: errm am looking for my friend johnbull
Nurse hauwa; ohh johnbull. Just go left move a little and turn to your right room 3.
Me: OK thank you very much.
I went according to her direction in no time I located room 3.
(opening room 3 door)

” father chemistry (I said to johnbull)”

” my mathematician”

” guy wetin do you… So na that small flogging for Kelly papa house na im you land for hospital”

” guy no be that one ooo ( johnbull explained to chinedu every thing that happened)
“ehyaa sorry. Wetin they werk Kelly papa sef. Any way na you cause am I tell say make you dey careful with that girl, but you no gree”

” na now I understand ooo. I don learn my lesson”

” Kelly come my house today, my gateman push am comot ”

“lol.. I trust you”

“guy that reminds me on Monday principal talk say make we come school say fabulousvicky enterprise company go give scholarship to the student with the best waec result”

“that good. Me never check my waec result maybe na that Monday I go check am cos na tomorrow Saturday they go discharge me and Sunday cafe no dey open”

“OK no p na”

” how your waec na”

” make sense sha”

“how many a1”

“guy na just one oo for mathematics ”

“I trust you my mathematician”

We discussed further till my mum return. She came with a flask of rice which me and chinedu wacked before he left.
The following day, my mum made the complete payment of 12 thousand naira for my hospital bill.
12:26pm same day, Dr Ayis came to inform us that I have been discharged. My mom packed our belongings in the hospital, we left the hospital and boarded a taxi home. Immediately we got home almost all the neighbors came out to welcome us.. The hugging was too much that I decided to go inside and rest a little while my mum was still outside gisting with some of the neighbors. Minutes later she came inside to inform me that she is going to the market to sell the remaining tomato and pepper that she had to prevent spoiling secondly its a Saturday.

15 mins later
I was still sleeping when I heard someone knocking on the door, I stood up sluggishly to check who it was………. TBC…………

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