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Natasha-Episode 16

Episode 16
from the last scene, babisky high school
Lara called on the principal to assist her call the names of the student.. As Mr Udoh stood up walking to the podium, the whole congregation applauded him.. Thank you very much, lara said to the principal.
The third position who will be given scholarship to any federal tertiary institutions of his/her choice goes to..
(the hall was as silent as a grave yard).
(miss lara giving Mr Udoh an envelop to call the name)

Mr Udoh: the third position goes to no other person than mark Benson onochie with three a1, five b2 and one b3…
Onochie walked out to the podium with his mum mrs mark to collect his scholarship documents (the whole congregation was applauding seriously).
Miss lara: the second position who will be given a scholarship to Bowen university goes to..
Mr Udoh: tokunbo joy fadeshewa., with four a1, five b2.
Joy came out with her parents
To collect her scholarship documents…
The hall was becoming noisy and crowdy because of the first position announcement. I was becoming nervous, I don’t even know my grades and I kinda need this scholarship.
Silence every where a teacher announced.
Miss lara: the ultimate winner who will be given scholarship to Madonna university and also happen to be the best waec result in *****state, with seven a1 and two b2..
My Udoh : the scholarship goes to Adams osamagie johnbull…
( a hectic shock ran down my spine)
My mum is not with me, so who will follow me to get the document I said to my self. I summoned courage, walking to the podium alone but to my surprise, I saw chinedu’s father and the proprietor of babisky high school coming out also headed to the podium to represent my parent ( I was over excited) they helped me in collecting my document. Meanwhile the hall was already scattered, I received so many hugs and hand shake, I was also crowned babisky high school best student so far my name was written boldly on the school wall(Adams osamagie johnbull aka father chemistry, legend of babisky high school). I received so many gift such as money etc.
After many hours of celebration I was about going home when Kelly drew my attention. She took me to the back of a vehicle parked in the school compound
“sweet heart how are you”

” who is your sweet heart. Pls why did you bring me here”

“congratulations for your scholarship. My mum was happy with”

“so what concern her with my scholarship?? ”

” what is wrong with you?? OK see my mum is in support of the relation beside she has deleted the record”

“oh the police record?? Really ”

“she did that yesterday”

” OK thank you am not interested again”
I left her there finding my way out of the school and mounted a bike home. When I got home my mum was yet to come back, for me to break the good news to her. An hour later my mum came back I approached her immediately.
“mum good evening. Guess what ”

“son my head is aching I can’t guess now”

“okk, mum I was given scholarship to Madonna university to study any course of my choice ”

“do you mean the Madonna at anambra or which Madonna”

“yes the Madonna at anambra”
(My mum fainted immediately)
Me: mum! Mum! (I tapped her but there was not respond).
I dashed out of the house, got a taxi man ( I don’t want to involve the neighbors). The taxi man assisted me in carrying my mum to the taxi while we left for konami specialist hospital.
**konami specialist hospital 6:34pm**
The taxi drove into the hospital compound, I went to meet the nurses at the reception to assist me bring my mum in. They came out with a stretcher, carrying my mum to the emergency ward while I settled the taxi man.
When I was done settling I went into the hospital when a nurse approached me.
“young man pls wait at the reception your mum is being taken care of”

“OK thank you ma”
I obeyed her and sat on a chair in the reception. Not quite long my phone started ringing looking at the caller it was chinedu. (sliding the green side of the phone)
” how far? ”

“father chemistry am alright, so how is your celebration going? ”

“guy not too fine my mama dey hospital now ”

“wetin com happen ”

” I told her about the scholarship and she fainted”

” thats bad. Which hospital are you in??”

“konami specialist hospital”

“I will be there in a jiffy”
I was still in the reception when a nurse came to meet me.
“young man you have to pay a deposit of 35 thousand naira before we touch your mum”

“OK thats not a problem”
I gave her 40 thousand which was part of the money people gave me as gift earlier that day.

“nurse jane pls you guys should take care of my mum very well. How is doctor Ayis ”

“doctor Ayis went on leave yesterday, but will be back in two weeks time”

“so which doctor is taking care of my mum now?!”

“oh doctor Ben and frankkay”

“OK thanks ”

I sat back waiting patiently for good news from the doctor. 15mins later chinedu was in the hospital.
” guy any progress” chinedu said

” not really I just deposit money now for her treatment”
We were still talking when doctor frankkay walked into the reception, coming to me.

” you are Johnbull right” doctor frankkay said.

” yes doctor. Any problem”

“hmmm not really sit down. Its just that your mother was diagnose of a cardiac shock and she need to be operated immediately because blood is not flowing freely through her atries . Else she might die”

” doctor what are you waiting for do that immediately”

” calm down its not done like that the 40 thousand naira you deposited, you have to add 60 thousand to it that’s deposit, then you sign some document. Then when we are through with the surgery you pay the remaining 80 thousand ”

“(Jesus where do I get such an amount of money) OK doctor just take care of her I will see you soon”

“no problems” doctor frankkay said.
While Johnbull and chinedu dashed out of the hospital immediately…… TBC……

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