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Natasha-Episode 17

Episode 17
from the last scene
The two boys were still running when one of them chinedu stopped the other johnbull.
“(panting)guy where are we running to”

“chinedu I don’t even know. But where can I get such amount of money as deposit not even full payment”

“hmm that’s true oo but I have an idea”

“pls spit it out”

“why don’t we go to my house and tell my dad I believe he will help matter, because after today you may not see him again till next year because he is traveling tomorrow”

” that’s true oya let us be going”
Ten minutes later johnbull and chinedu was in chinedu’s house, while chinedu went to talk to his father.

“johnbull sit down wait for me am coming. Amaka pls keep him company” he said to his sister.

“johnbull pls is anything the matter?? ” amaka asked

” its nothing much why do you ask? ”

“look at the way the both of you are panting”

“(putting up a smile) don’t mind us. So what are you doing??”

“am reading, am having government test tomorrow”

” that’s very good”
“johnbull come up stairs. Amaka continue reading your book ” chinedu said from the stairs leading up to the second sitting room.
I climbed upstairs immediately to meet him, his daddy was sitting down on a chair while the both of us sat on the one adjacent to him.
” ermm johnbull, chinedu has told me everything. Which doctor is on duty?”

” doctor Ben and frankkay, but it was doctor frankly that told me of my mum’s illness”

Chinedu’s dad pick up one of his phones(Nokia lumia precisely) and dialed frankkay’s number.
” hello am I speaking with doctor frankkay konami specialist hospital”

(from the back ground )” yes”
“Okk this is mr Eze you are speaking with”

“ohh good evening mr Eze, how are you? ”

” am fine. Pls how is mrs Adams”

” mrs Adams?? Do you know her”

“yes am a family friend ”

“OK well we are trying our best but she need to be operated the earlier, to prevent her from dying”

“that’s no problem you know am a share holder in konami specialist hospital. So I beg you do the surgery immediately.”

” their is no problem sir we will prepare her for surgery immediately”

” thank you.. Her son is coming down to the hospital”

“no problem” doctor frankkay said…
Johnbull I have spoken with doctor frankkay they are starting the surgery this night so you need to be in the hospital. Take this(giving johnbull 10,000 naira) use I to eat and transport your self, take good care of your mum, I will be traveling tomorrow take care.

“thank you very much sir”

” don’t mention. Chinedu escort your friend outside to board a bike”
Chinedu escorted me down the street where I boarded a bike.
konami specialist hospital 9:53pm
The bike dropped me at the hospital while I located my way to the reception, when I got to the reception I only met nurse hauwa on the counter(she was on night duty)
” good evening nurse hauwa pls where is my mum?? ”

“ohh your mum, the doctors are preparing her for surgery”

“can I go and see her?? ”

“there is no need for that”

“OK thanks”
(by the way doctor ayis is a gynecologist, frankkay a cardiologist and doctor Ben an ordinary surgeon), so doctor frankkay should be the rightful person to do the surgery.
Minutes later a nurse came to the reception to tell me that the surgery has started. I looked at the wall clock and the time was 10:20pm at this time I was feeling a bit dizzy.
10:50pm I have not seen doctor frankkay I was a bit worried, I was lost in thought when a call brought me back.
“father chemistry how is it going”

” no respond oo it seems they are still in the theatre ”

” OK just take care I will call you back”.
11:00pm there was no still sign of the doctor coming out even nurse hauwa was not in the reception again. This time around my eyes were heavy that I did not know when I slept off…
konami specialist hospital theatre 12:45am two doctors and three nurse were found.
” what went wrong her heart is not beating, no pulse” doctor frankkay said

“let me check her blood pressure” Ben said
” her blood pressure is even high”

“ben f–k the blood pressure and get me an oxygen”frankkay said.
The theatre was getting noisy, everybody running helter skelter…….. TBC……

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