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Natasha-Episode 18

Episode 18
from the last scene konami specialist hospital theatre
Doctor Ben went to get the oxygen while frankkay was doing what he could do. Few minutes later, Ben was back with the oxygen which was fixed to mrs Adams. Frankkay was done with the operation, while the nurses took mrs Adams to surgery ward( a place/room for operated people)
**johnbull side continues**
I was sleeping on a chair in the reception when I felt a tap on my body.
” johnbull how are you”

” am fine doctor how is my mum”

” she is very fine everything is under control”

“can I see her now?”

” no not now, she is still resting maybe tomorrow. Just continue sleeping tomorrow you will see her”

“OK doctor thanks”

” you are welcome”
next morning
I was waked by the noise of a patient probably a patient who had an accident and was rushed to the hospital. Doctor frankkay was about living the hospital by 7:45am when I approached him.
“doctor good morning, pls how is my mum doing?? ”

” morning boy your mum is doing fine, she just need to have some rest”

“OK can I see her? ”

“not now. Why don’t you go home and return later in the afternoon by then you can talk to her”

“Okk doctor”
I obeyed the doctor, went home to eat something. After cleaning, I took my bath and prepared what I and my mum will eat.. When I was through with what I was doing, I strolled down to chinedu’s house.
(chinedu’s house)
” father chemistry whatsup with you hope no problem? ”

“not at all”

“so how was the surgery? ”

“well according to the doctor the surgery was successful though I have not seen her”

“OK so when are you going to the hospital? ”

“hmm maybe by 1:00pm”

” OK I think I will follow you”

“no problem ”
After so much playing and talking, it was 1:05pm exactly when I told chinedu to tush up so we can go to the hospital.
In short duration we arrived the hospital(ksh), we were about approaching nurse kemi who was on morning shift when she told me that doctor frankkay was calling me. I and chinedu went to his office straight away. we were about knocking when we heard doctor frankkay and someone unknown to us talking in an unpleasant manner(arguing).
“Frankkay what is wrong with you, why must you leave the hospital?? ”

“sir I have been in this hospital since last night, I had to go rest a little”

” frankkay don’t I pay you… You are the only cardiologist here for God sake, you cannot just leave a patient who you operated in the heart, you needed to monitor her”

“professor konami, was it my fault that she ran into complications that other doctor in this hospital could not handle while I was away”

“listen to your self, now we lost the woman. Just go and pray that Mr Eze should still be a share holder In this hospital”
(professor konami stood up, about leaving the room when the frightened looking johnbull and chinedu came in. )

“pls doctor where is my mum? ” johnbull said

“ermm you guys should sit down”

” according to your story you said after breaking the scholarship news to her she fainted”

“yes doctor”

” I want you to know that the news caused a spark in her heart making blood not to pass through the atries. That situation has to be corrected through surgery, the surgery was successful but”

“but what doctor” the two boys said

” we lost your mum when I she ran into a complication while I was away”

Jesus the world has come to an end for me (rolling on the floor and crying like an infant). Chinedu and doctor frankkay tried to calm him down but all there effort was abortive. Minutes of crying and rolling on the floor, johnbull suddenly stood up and bounce on dr frankkay.
” I know you were not capable of performing a successful surgery. You doctors should stop deceiving people on surgery because any one that enters that theatre cannot come out alive” johnbull said angrily while dr frankkay’s bowed.

” where is my mum’s body”

, ” we have taken it to the mortuary,”

“why without my concept”

“we are so sorry its our law here when a patient dies we take him/her to the mortuary immediately”

“(with mucus coming out of his nose) which mortuary is that? ”

“KDB mortuary at isolo”
Chinedu held his hopeless friend, leading him out of the officer, to the reception and out side the hospital…… TBC……….

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