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Natasha-Episode 19

Episode 19
Chinedu and johnbull boarded a commercial motocycle to the mortuary (KDB). When they arrived there, they met the mortuary attendance who took them to the body they were looking for. When johnbull saw his mothers corpse he could not stand it, he started crying vigorously and lamenting words like ” mum why, why did you leave me to surfer alone”

“you have finally made me an orphan, mum why did you go so soon”

Chinedu held him, consoling him telling his friend it shall be well. After so much crying and lamenting, johnbull and chinedu went to meet the mortuary attendance to discuss the payment.

“(sober voice) good afternoon sir”

” afternoon how may I help you”

” (chinedu took over) we are the owner of Mrs Adams corpse”


“so we came to ask how much we should pay monthly till we finally take the corpse”

“well konami specialist hospital has payed for that. So there is no need” the middle aged man said.

“Okk thank you very much sir”

“you are welcome”
chinedu side of the story
I and johnbull headed back to my house as soon as the mortuary Attendance told us that the payment has been taken care of by konami specialist hospital. When we got to my house nobody was at home amaka was yet to come back from school, I sat johnbull down and started talking to him
” guy you need to take things easy, you lost your mum that does not mean your life has ended. You are a man be strong, you have to plan thing for your self to succeed. This name Adams cannot just die like that you need to push it forward, you will still get married and continue the generation.
(johnbull was just nodding his head slowly).

“thank God you have a scholarship now you need to prepare your self and go write the entrance exams since its a private institute. In two days time am going to write my post utme in unilag”

“(in a low voice) thank you chinedu you are indeed a good friend, thanks for your advise. For your post utme thats good which course did you put in for”

“statistics and mathematics”

“thats very good of you.. My mathematician”

” father chemistry hope say you to go study chemistry? ”

” noo I will put in for petrol chemical engineering”

” I trust you, all join e still be chemistry”
The two boys where chatting and laughing before amaka came in, johnbull told amaka what happens, she felt pity for johnbull. Amaka prepared something for them to eat after eating, they played, gisted and had fun before johnbull retired to his house by 6:45pm.

johnbull side of the story continues
When I got home, when some of the neighbors were asking of my mum I told them what happened, some were shocked while some felt pity for me. I could not eat anything that night because of the situation of things, secondly I ate in chinedu’s house. Through out that night what happened from the moment I was given scholarship till present was just flashing in my head. I thought of how my life will be in the school, how I am going to survive. I decided to go to babisky high school the next day to ask Mr udoh how my process to the school will be, before I sleep off.
next day babisky high school
I was in the school compound by 10:23am, I looked at the school wall where my name was written it was more designed and colorful. I headed to the principal oficer (knocking)
“come in” a voice said from inside
I entered the office.
“good morning sir”

“ahh johnbull is this you”

(no na my remix* I said inwardly) ” yes sir this is me”

” how is your mum “??

“hmm, my mum”

“yes your mum, hope she is happy for the scholarship “??

“(I narrated to mr udoh everything that happened) that was what happened”

“this is really bad. Am so sorry johnbull just take heart God is your strength. So what brought you here”

“sir I came to ask you how I am going to go about my scholarship”

“oh the scholarship??. Hmm u have to go down to anambra to write the entrance exams then we will wait for the admission”

” so how will I go to anambra”

” I will assist you next tomorrow we are going down to anambra to write the exam, I want you to be here as early as 5:30am so that we can go to the park. I will buy the transport ticket today”

“OK thank you sir but when is the exams ”

“1st batch should be on Saturday, so we will travel on Friday and come back on sunday ”

“thank you very much sir ”

“you are welcome”
I left mr udoh’s officer happily, going home to prepare for my journey on Friday……. TBC…….

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