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Natasha-Episode 20

Episode 20
from the last seen
When I got home, the compound was scanty as as I ual but shade and one of our neighbor bros jay was at home. I quickly brought out all my dirty cloth, slippers and traveling bag to wash. While washing, something came into my head which got me confused again (how will I bury my mum as poor as I am) will she be in the mortuary till I graduate, work and get money to bury her. This stuff kept disturbing me. The worst part is since I was born I have not seen any of my mum’s relation talk less of her parents, it is only my dad’s relation I have seen which after his death they never visited again. After washing I went inside my house to relax and think better. I was still thinking went a knock brought me back
(knocking x4)
“who is there” I said from the mat I was lying down on.

“its me” a feminine voice said

(hope is not shade that is disturbing me) I rosed up from the mat heading to the door. I opened to my uttermost dismay I saw Kelly standing in the front of my door (which kind devil be this)

“Kelly what again? ”

“so you can’t even welcome me into your house”

(I was really confused) “Okk come in”
She walked into my house
With her turkey gown, Italian made shoe and Michael kors hand bag(I could see that through the sense as sight).
“I heard what happened” she said sitting on my mat ” your mum died yesterday am so sorry for that”

“is that why you came here”

“yes I came to console you”

” do I look like a baby that you came to console me? ”

“johnbull stop it(raising eye brows) in fact am leaving”
She stood up going to the door she was about opening the door when I pulled her back.
” what!!! ” she said
I started kissing her hungrily before I knew it she responded to stimulus. We kissed for about three minutes before we fell to the mat, I zipped down her gown, unhooked her bra and was about fondling her b—-t when I lost motion it was as if someone poured me cold water on my head in a dark room. Suddenly I saw my mother in that dark room talking to me
“(echoing) son why are you such a stupid boy, you have seize to learn your lesson”
She then played a movie for me to watch I saw when I was beaten in Kelly’s daddy house, how the police men tortured me and gave me an injury. Immediately she disappeared and I regained consciousness physical.
I was hearing Kelly shouting sweetheart what is that, are you alright.

“(sweating profusely) what happened”

” you suddenly lost control and was speechless. Is this your first time doing this?”

“(panting) maybe we need to stop this immediately”

“why?. After u have gotten me in the mood”

” can’t you not understand I am no more interested”

“(frowning) you would have told me you were an impotent goat”.
She dressed properly, wore her shoe, took her hand bag and left the house. I was totally confused sweat was running down my body my cloth was even soaked. By 6pm that same day I went to bath, after bathing I balled down to mama nkechi restaurant since I could not cook well. After eating 2gig(2 fufu) with ogbono soup and one meat, I retired back to my compound. I got a bench cleaned it and laid on it to receive fresh air before going to sleep.

Friday Morning
Today johnbull is going to anambra state, he has to go wait for the principal at babisky high school so they can embark on the journey. Johnbull was found in his room at exactly 4:25am going through his Facebook account after that he made a phone call
“baba howfar naa? ”

“hope all is well”

“guy no lele, I come your house yesterday you no dey. I just wan tell you say I dey travel with mr udoh today to anambra”

“which mr udoh”

“how many mr udoh you know?. e be like say sleep still dey your eyes”

“OK I don hear go well”
(ending the call).
I took my small traveling bag, went out of my apartment and lock it with a padlock. I was scared of going out by that time, thank God immediately I left the compound I saw a bike man.
“(smoking cigarette) o boy where you dey go by this time”

(forming thick voice) oga carry me go ijoba street babisky high school”

“your money na 100 naira”

“oya dey go”

After 12 minutes ride we got to my destination, on dismounting the bike I saw mr udoh coming down to the school. I payed the bike man and went to meet mr udoh.
“good morning sir”

“johnbull how are you?? ”

“am fine sir”

“hope you are fully prepared with your books, clothes and writing materials”?

“yes sir”

“OK let’s go”
We left the arena and trekked to the park. When we got to the park all the passengers were complete except I and mr udoh, we entered the bus after taking some rounds of insult from the passengers. The driver waked the engine and our journey started. After six hours of our journey, the driver stop in a restaurant at benin and asked all passengers who want to eat, wee or deficate to do that now.
” if na hungry dey bust your dada go chop now oo, if na piss go piss, if na s–t u wan scatter go do am now ooo.. I no go stop again till I reach Onitsha ooo” the driver said.
Mr udoh told me to come down so we can eat. (thank God I said in my mind) because I have not eaten since morning.
We went into the restaurant while the woman approached us

“una welcome oo. Wetin una go like to take”

“what do you have” mr udoh said

” I get ogbono soup(choi johnbull best soup), omoebe(black soup), omiukpoka. Vegetables soup, rice(all types) spaghetti, bread and beans”

“hmm give me rice and stew with two meat” mr udoh said

“brother what of you” referring to johnbull.

errm I wanted to eat ogbono but when I start curling it mr udoh may not like it, am an edo boy but I no to like black soup, OK what of bread and bean.. Ahh I remember one book I read at eli2xpensive library “hot beans” where he deficated on his body, no I won’t eat that(I said to my self)immediately I heard the woman shouting
“oga answer wetin you wan chop??”

“sorry madam give me fried rice and salad with two chickens and coke”
Mr udoh removed his glasses and looked at me…….. TBC……

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