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Natasha-Episode 8

Episode 8

*** johnbull side of the story continues***

On hearing my name i was so sad, so this principal can be so heartless. I Walked into my class, picked up my bag and started going home. I was ashamed and full of disgrace because all eyes on the assembly ground were on me, when going home including my junior students. I saw the sad look on Kelly’s face when she waved me bye. Minutes later I was at home, the compound was so scanty only I and aunty vero was around because the door of her apartment was ajar. The house was really bored for me then I decided to wash some of my dirty clothes. I went to the back yard and started washing. I have not washed up to five clothes when I heard someone groaning slowly as if the person was passing through pain. I left my clothes immediately and went in search of the sound, I traced the sound and it was coming out of aunty vero room. I peeped through the window, to my greatest surprise I saw our landlord banging aunty vero like a lion. Jesus, I said to my self. How I wish I have a phone I would have recorded this scene. Anyway nothing concern me no be my mama.
I went back and continued my washing. After few hours I was done and decided to sleep a little. I was still sleeping when I heard a knock on the door.
Me: who is that??
????? : its me kelly.
Yeh what is this girl doing in my house, I cleaned the room ASAP and went to open the door.
Me: kelly what are you doing in my house?? , u suppose to be at school.
Kelly; is that how to welcome your visitor?? (raised eyebrow)
Me: ohh am so sorry come in.
She came in, while we sat on the mat I used to sleep because we no get chair for house.

Me; so tell me why did you leave the..
Kelly: I left the school because I was missing you secondly we were not doing anything.
Me: but you should have stayed.
Kelly: pls leave that. I brought you something ( handing me over a nylon bag).
Me: what is this??
Kelly: check it out first naughty boy(blinking her eyes)
Me: wow 2 meat pie and a plastic fanta. Thank you that’s nice of you, you are a darling.. We hanged each other as I munched my snacks.
Kelly: that reminds me ( putting her hand into her bag) take this ten thousand naira, use it to pay up your school fees. I want to see you in school tomorrow.
Me: where did you get this money?
Kelly:(frowning) what sort of question is that?.. Its my saving money
Me: sorry. Thank you very much for your generosity.
Kelly: don’t mention sweet heart. Me: hmmm sweet heart.
We continue discussing until it was almost time for me to go hustle. I escorted her to the road side before I bade her goodbye

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