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Natasha-Episode 9

Episode 9
***from the last scene***

The next day I payed up my fees and started school again. Few weeks later I worked my waec fee. I was now a free man and not a debtor in school again. Kelly kept taking care of me ( monetarily). I saved some of the money she gave me to buy a phone(techno p5).
Life went on like that until we were done with our waec and valedictory service. High school was interesting and fun I really miss high school. My relationship with Kelly wax stronger we were now like husband and wive, she was also conversant with my mother, my mother treated her like her own daughter. Thing went on like that until something happened one faithful day
It was a sunny day, when the compound was scanty due to children are in school, workers are in there work place, market men and women are at the market. Only I and shade was at home, I was too bored then I decided to go to chinedu house… On getting to chinedu house, NEPA brought light, we played video game(play station 3) for four hours before NEPA took there power. Chinedu told me that he felt like going out, asking me where we should go, I told him we should go to Kelly. As my guy he concurred.

**Kelly’s house**
Knocking on the gate
Musa: who I be??
Me : its me johnbull
(opening the gate )
Musa: ahhh janbu welcome
Me: how you dey??
Musa: fine fine.
We walked into the compound heading to the door of the building, when we saw a saw a huge dark man coming out..
???? : who are you boys looking for??
Me: Good afternoon ermm ermm we are looking for Kelly
???? : who are you to Kelly??
Me&chinedu; we are her friends

Kelly heard her father exchanging words with some people, she peeped through the window and saw it was me. She ran out immediately, adding pepper to the matter.
Kelly : dad leave them this is johnbull my boyfriend.
Kelly’s dad; what!! So this is the boy you have been giving my money
Me: no sir
Kelly’s dad: you are dead today, my daughter cannot mingle with poor people like you.
Kelly: dad!!! Stop it
I was overwhelmed by his words so my poorness is showing in me. (chinedu was shut of words)
Kelly’s dad : kabiru, bosco (Kelly dad boys, they came out immediately ). I want you to deal with this boys serious, flog life out of them.
On hearing this chinedu ran out of the compound quickly pushing Musa away. Kabiru and bosco held me immediately, tied me to a pole and started flogging me with thier koboko. They flogged me until my body was full of marks from the koboko.

Kelly is found at one corner holding her dad and crying seriously, her eyes were red and mucus was coming out of her nose…
Kelly ; dad plz stop this, do you want to kill someone else child ( running towards Me, holding Kabiru and bosco.)
Kabiru : oga this girl they disturb us ooo
Kelly dad: continue your job, if she hinders you flog her….

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