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Moesha Boduong Actress drops racy photo, says “I don’t crave attention”

Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong claims she doesn’t want ‘attention’ rather ‘admiration’ with new racy photo

Ghanaian actress and model, Moesha Boduong has set the Internet ablaze again with another raunchy photo on her Instagram account.

The “Cocoa Brown” actress who has attempted on several occasions to break the Internet with her curvy structure and heavy butts has dropped yet another racy photo but this time, a bit decent.

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Moesha Boduong shared the photo on her Instagram page Thursday, July 13 with a caption that suggests she’s not in for ‘attention’ but rather ‘admiration’.









Her caption reads (unedited): “I“Don’t crave attention, I earn admiration”

But how can I have admiration without first attention?

You call me an attention whore

Isn’t our attention what even God is fighting for?


It’s just where you stand when the camera rolls

Same shot, just different angles

They say it’s vain to want material things like clothes

But it’s right to want immaterial things like love

Which is saner to crave?

Something you can touch or something in your heart?

Just like no camera can capture every angle in one shot

No one mind can have a full pic of how life should be..”

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