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Natasha-episode 26

Episode 26

johnbull side continues
On hearing the news that Kelly daddy was coming back to the house I was marveled, I dressed properly, running furiously outside the compound to my house to prevent story that will touch the heart. In no time I was in my house panting like someone who was chase by a lion. I decided to stay indoor for the rest of the day, neglecting my training because I don’t know what Kelly’s dad may be planning out there.
I was still praying when I heard a knock on my door
“who is that” I said frightened

“na me jide”
(I went to open the door)

“jide how far na ”

“I dea… Guy why you no come yesterday”..

“guy I go some where joor”

“guy e be like say you no wan go this competition”

” I wan go.. Which time be training again? ”

“this morning, today coach henry dey choose the fifteen boys wey dey go the competition”

“OK just wait for me make I baff”
10 minutes later johnbull was back, well dressed in his basketball kit, Jide and johnbull left for the school. After five hours of training, coach henry selected fifteen players to represent the school at the competition (including the captain of the team with jersey no5 johnbull). Later in the evening johnbull came back, feeling very tired and stressed down.
He called olumma telling her to bring food for him to eat, since he was so tired to come around.
Olumma came to his house by 7pm with 2 flask of food, one containing egusi soup and eba(cassava flask made with hot water), while the second one was containing coconut rice. She asked him to choose one, so she can eat the other
” I want to eat the two” johnbull said

” no problem you are free just eat, I want to discuss something with you”

“something like what?”

“eat your food first”

“I was just kidding, let me eat the soup while you eat rice”

(johnbull was opening the food when he asked a question)
“olumma, which tribe are you from”

“igbo imo state precisely”

“wow.. That’s good”

“what about you? ”

” am an edo boy”

After the both of us finish eating, then I raise the topic she was talking of before
“so what do you want to discuss with me”

(she came forward to me)”do you love me? ”

I was Astonished by her question
“do you love me?” johnbull asked backed

“you have to answer me first before I answer yours”

” Noo you answer me first”

“then keep waiting for my answer” she said living my house….
One week later after a hectic and vigorous training, we were to travel the next day for the competition. Coach henry discharged us(the players) by 10pm so we can prepare for our traveling the next day. I got home packed my cloth (mostly jerseys ) and all I needed for the journey, before I rested. Minutes later olumma called to inform me that she was coming to my house, I quickly arranged the room before she came
“sweet heart how are you doing”

(frowning)”am fine”

“bae why are you still angry with me”

“am not I just want to know who my heart belongs to”

The talk was fishy “are you seeing someone else”

“not really ”

” not really?. Bae I love you and your heart belongs to me”

(smiling)” OK I have heard you”
I drew forward from my resting point and pecked her on the fore head, I told her of my journey the next day while she hugged me. She told me she was going back to work while I escort her, I crossed my hand round her neck while we went out of the room. We were about leaving the compound, when Kelly popped into us unknowingly.
“so this is it, no wonder you suddenly hate because of this thing”Kelly said pointing at olumma
She continued” johnbull you are happy putting your hand over her neck, but if I try touching you, you will be vibrating as if you are a saint. Johnbull I hate you” she said leaving the compound.

“who is she?”olumma the lady beside me asked
I was dumb founded.
“that’s why I don’t trust boys” she muttered living me and heading out of the compound……. TBC…..

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