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Natasha -Episode 28

Episode 28
from the previous scene
from chinedu side
(knock knock) I knocked on the door

“come in” olumma said
I opened the door and entered the room

“how are you doing” chinedu asked

” fine am feeling better now. Thanks for your caring I really appreciate”

“don’t mention” chinedu said going to meet her on the bed
“I hope you remember me am johnbull’s friend, I remember when he told me you are his girlfriend that was why I helped you”

” thank you very much God bless you but do me a favour”

“OK what is it”

“pls don’t tell me of johnbull again”

“why” asked chinedu looking surprise

” johnbull said he loves me but he is dating another girl he claim to be his class mate”

“do you mean Kelly?”

” I don’t know her name but she is slim and dark in completion”

“it Should be Kelly. But why will johnbull behave like this?” he asked and feeling very happy in his mind because he has seen a good opportunity to achieve his goal

” I don’t know” olumma replied

” can I ask you a question?”

“you are free”

“why will you be working in a restaurant at your age”

” my age?. Did you know how old I am? ”

“not really but you look too young”

“well its due to some circumstance”

“like? ”

Olumma told chinedu everything she told johnbull about her self.

“am sorry if I made you to remember the past”

” its nothing”

“you are an aspirant of unilag? ”

“yea am just waiting for the admission list”

“what course did you put in for”


“wow am also an aspirant of unilag statistics and mathematics”

“wow what a coincidence ”

“yea. From today you will stay in my house you won’t go back to that man that abused you sexually, you won’t work in mama nkechi restaurant again”

“how do you want me to pay my school fees and get an accommodation in school”

“that’s not a problem, my dad will take care of that. Let’s go see my mum” chinedu said

Chinedu took olumma to his mum, he was a bit scared that his mum may reject the girl. Glory be to God that his mum accepted the girl with all her heart while they went to prepare dinner. The all ate dinner happily and chatted.

Babisky high school bus was seen entering the school compound and the players all shouting.

“yes yes yes yes yes yes” ( forming Daniel bryan)

They came back with silver medal and also won the trophy for the most fair players. While johnbull and jide were the best players of the tournament.

Immediately the players alighted the vehicle the principal sent for johnbull., while he went immediately.

“my boy how are you”

“am fine sir”

“you are making this school so pround”

“(smiling) thank you sir”

” the admission list is out and your name is there”

” thank God”

” yea so you are free to go to anambra anytime you are ready”

“thank you sir”

“finally continue being a good boy academically and God will keep on protecting you”


Johnbull went out of mr Udoh’s office and headed home. Immediately he got home, cleaned the house and rested a bit he was so tired that he slept off for five hours. When he woke up, he took his bath and went to mama nkechi’s shop to beg olumma for forgiveness and also eat something. But unfortunately for him, he got a shocking happy story from the other workers.

“ahh so you don’t know that olumma is no longer working here” one of the workers said

“since when”

“over two weeks now”


” she lost madam money”

“wow. OK thanks alot” johnbull said leaving the restaurant.

He took his phone from his pocket and dailed olumma’s number but she did not pick up.

“maybe she is still angry” he muttered. He boarded a commercial motorcycle going to chinedu’s house. He knocked on the gate and the gate keeper collins opened at once, he entered the compound and met the shock of his life…

Chinedu was carrying olumma at his back and running round the compound while amaka was running after them

“jesus” johnbull ran amok immediately

” ahh chinedu so this is what you are. What do you think you are doing?” asked johnbull

“are you so blind that you can’t see, chinedu here is now my Romeo he loves me and we love each other” said olumma

” johnbull am really sorry its was not intentional”

This time around johnbull was already that he bounced on chinedu and started punching him. He punched him until blood started coming out of his nose and mouth, the gate keeper, olumma and amaka separated the two boys but it was too late because chinedu’s face was already swollen.

Suddenly chinedu mum horned from outside and the gate keeper collins went to open the gate. Immediately she came in, she saw the look of things and asked what the problem was.

Due to the anger in johnbull he started lamenting and told mrs Eze (chinedu mum) what chinedu did

“ma is it fair” johnbull lamented

Immediately he finish talking, mrs Eze gave him three hot resounding slaps

“is that why you want to kill my son. Let me ask you are poor people like you suppose to keep girlfriend”

Tears rowed down johnbull’s eye

“collins take this hopeless boy out of my compound and never allow him enter this compound again” mrs Eze said

” after all you were not in good term with her before you travelled” chinedu said as johnbull was pushed out of the compound……
To be continued…..


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