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Natasha – Episode 30

Episode 30
from the last scene
I received a mail that took me unaware. I opened my gmail application and saw a message from Nnajiofor Kelly 47 which states

“hello mr johnbull (no more sweet heart, sunshine its now mr johnbull). I know you will be very happy receiving this, but I just have to tell you. Am in the uk presently to further my education, my dad did that to prevent me from seeing you but all the same am still happy because you are already a betrayer, you can have fun with your so call olumma. Have a nice day, love you..”

I was a bit sad but I just have to go on with life. I crossed the road, walking down the street in search of a house.

Three hours after, I was tired and frustrated not because I did not see a house but the money was too much, I could not afford it I went back to the hotel I lodged and rested a bit before preparing for the test tomorrow

CHM 101.

Johnbull, Alexis and Natasha were seen at the first seat of the class writing a test while they were supervised by Dr David Azubuike Darlington. Forty minutes after, the papers were collected by there supervisor promising to return the scripts in an hour time.

Same day Natasha and johnbull were made class rep and assistant in six different course including CHM 101.They were both intelligent and always the highest in all test they did. This continued until Natasha and johnbull were know as the gurus of petrol chemical engineering.

One month later johnbull had no money to pay for the hotel he was staying In and he had no place to generate money. Assuming he was still in good term which chinedu he could have asked him for money to rent an apartment.
Chinedu and olumma came back home from unilag for week end, mrs Eze and amaka were so happy to see them that Mrs Eze took olumma to a corner so they can gist better while amaka whispered something to chinedu’s ear

“brother I want to tell you something”

“let’s go upstairs” said chinedu

Immediately they got to the sitting room upstairs, amaka brought water for her brother to drink before she start talking. Chinedu consumed the water in less than a minute

“so tell me what is it” asked chinedu

“don’t you think what you are doing is wrong”

“how what am I doing? ”

“you took johnbull girl friend away from him is it fair”

” amaka you are very stupid for saying that, she had quit johnbull before I took her”

“and so”

” any day you will call me again to tell me such nonsense I will beat life out of you”

“try it if daddy will not disown you” amaka said trying to run away

“mtcheew” chinedu hissed and left the sitting room.


On a faithful Friday, johnbull carried his bag heading out of the hotel he had no place to go. He was perambulating round the village looking for a place to sleep that night before finding a means of accommodation the next day.

An idea came into his head to call Natasha or Alexis but he was afraid, he does not want any embarrassment from any rich family again. He sat down on a brick block thinking on what to do, he was so lost in thought when he felt some one tapping him on the shoulder.

“o boy wetin you dey do outside by this time?”

He looked at his time and saw it was 11:48pm he thought it was a vigilante.

“oga vigilante Abeg no vex, I know get house na why I they here”

“shatapp who be vigilante”

“abeg no vex”

“why you no get house”

” am not from this place, I was given a scholarship here to school which do not include accomodation”

“ok which school be that”

“Madonna university”

“bia nwata ó muwa kiji eme egwuregwu ( are you using me for play) how you go dey go Madonna university and you no get house”

“I don tell you say the scholarship no include house”

“hmm OK I fit help you but you go concur to wetin we dey do oo by the way my name na odega”

“no problems”

“make we go meet my guys”

Odega took me to a shop were we met two other guys who happen to be his friends.

“odega nwa mama okala mmuo” hailed a guy on dada(long dread)

“sao how you dey na” said odega

” who be this bonanza wey follow you come” asked the man on dread

“nna the guy need help ooo but no problems he don agree to follow our trigonometry” said odega

“you sure say this guy fit run the trigonometry” asked sao

“we go put am through” said odega

“nna wetin be your name” asked the man on dread

“Adams johnbull”

“hia Adams kwa, nna ke ebe isi (where are you from)” asked the guy on dread

” sorry I don’t understand”

“ohh so you no dey hear wetin we dey speak. Where are you from”

“am from edo state”

“no wonder you no dey hear us” said sao

” odega abeg which kind help this guy need” asked the guy on dread

” accomodation”

They were still talking when the owner of the shop came to inform them that she was closing for the day.

” bia jazzman, odega na sao e mechie na’m shop ooo (she has closed)” said the owner of the shop

“nneoma ego oo’ne bu ego gi (how much is your money)” asked jazzman

“five thousand” replied the woman

Jazzman brought out his wallet and payed the woman, while we left for there house. We boarded a bike to the apartment, it was a two bedroom flat. Odega and I shared one room while jazzman and sao stayed in the other room. They gave me food to eat(bread and tea) which I devoured.

There was power supply so we were in the palour watching TV when I asked a question

“guys abeg no vex ooo wetin be the meaning of this trigonometry wey una dey talk about na maths??”

They all looked at me and burst into laughter……….
To be continued……
Written by konami….

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