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Natasha-Episode 33

Episode 33
from the last scene
I boarded a bike going to no destination, I don’t even no Natasha’s house.

“oga where you dey go sef”

“just dey go straight”

“which one be go straight, see how you dey breath sef you sure say you never go steal some thing”

“wetin that one come mean” I fired

“in fact come down I no dey go again” the bike man said.

At that moment a call came into my phone, it was an international number but I did not pick it, another one came which was Natasha

“where are you now” asked Natasha

“I don’t know but am in bright street”

“bright?’so you have being here since five weeks now and you don’t know where you are it is appualing”

“OK I have heard you what’s your address let me come over”

“just wait there I will come in a jiffy”

Ten minutes later she was there with her range Rover, this time around she was the one driving, no driver no body guard. She came down from her range, taking my bags from me while I enter the front passenger seat.

“why are you panting”

“you wont understand let just go somewhere and talk”

“can’t we talk here” said Natasha

“OK no problem, now where do I start”

“anywhere” she said increase the ac because I was sweating

“OK you know am on a scholarship, and the scholarship did not include accomodation. At first I was in a hotel but due to financial problem I could not stay any more. Unluckily for me I met some ba bad guy who was about changing my life negatively, so I escaped from their house but before escaping I had a fight with one of them and he mistakenly stabbed himself” I said phlegmatically.

“so all this while you could not tell me that you needed an accomodation when I have two vacant rooms in my house” she said gently

“I was afraid of telling you because you may slap me again” I said in a pathetic manner

“OK let’s go to my house” she muttered

“for real”

She Looked at me in a bad manner putting the vehicle gear in drive.

In no time we were in her house, she horned while her gate keeper came to open the gate. She drove in at once to the car park and kill the engine, she brought out my bags from the booth while she lead the way into her mighty apartment.

I was extremely happy, I was like “am I going to live in this house”

“welcome to my home” Natasha said, omo na little London be this ooo I said in my mind.

“joy, chinaza and steve” she shouted

The people she called all came out

“jb this is joy my cook, chinaza and steve my house keepers” said Natasha

“hi am jb”

“welcome sir” they all chorused

” you guys should give him the respect he deserve, he is also your boss” she persuaded taking my luggage up stairs

I followed her immediately

“jb their are two vacant room, this building consist of five rooms two downstairs for my maid and three up stairs. Am occupying one so you can choose any of the two you want” she said softly holding my hands

“thank you so much” I said going on my kneels

“hey stand up I don’t want my servants to see you kneeling for me stand up”

I stood up and hug her firmly and muttered softly
“I find favour in you”

chinedu side of the story
Four people were chasing chinedu with ak47, he was running so fast but as he was running faster the speed of his attackers were increasing. He was still running when he got to a house surrounded by gun men, he wanted the change direction when he saw boldly on the house “johnbull’s castle”. Chinedu ran to the house shouting
“johnbull my friend help me help me help me I am being chased by people with gun”
Johnbull came down from the castle with an unknown girl, she was wearing gold all over her body.

“guards throw this man out of my castle and never allow him in here again”

Johnbull guard did according to his command, the people that was chasing chinedu came so fast and shot him

“Jesus!!!!!!!!! Help me” chinedu shouted waking up from the dream

“what is that don’t you know it is late” said olumma

“(panting and sweating profusely) i had a terrible dream

“what is It about” asked olumma as she stood up from the bed where chinedu and her was sleeping.

Chinedu narrated the dream to her while she started praying against the dream

“I need to see my mum tomorrow” said chinedu

Olumma went to school while chinedu rode to his mum’s office to see her. In no time he was in her office.

“wow surprise visit” mrs Eze said on sighting chinedu

“mum I have something important to tell you”

“sit down by the way how is my daughter in-law”

“she is fine she said I should greet you” chinedu narrated the dream to his mum

“is that why you came to see me, its just a dream nothing will happen to you”

They discussed further before he decided to go back to school, but his mind was not at rest, he was still disturbed. An idea came into his head

” let me call amaka(his Junior sister) maybe she can give me some advise”

Johnbull was seen in the dinning room downstairs eating coconut rice and chicken with fruit juice to bring it down. Natasha was on a call with her mum upstairs so she could not partake of the food. Johnbull was still eating when he remembered that an international number called him earlier, who will that be he said to himself……
To be continued…..

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