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Natasha – episode 41

I opened the door to Natasha’s room and met the shock of my life, she was lying lifeless and soaked with her own puke(vomit). I rushed in immediately carried her out of the puke that looked silver in nature, I tried all my possible best to bring her to live but It was to no avail.

“steve, chinaza, joy, onyema ” I shouted to the top of my voice as I carried her out of the room running down stairs when I met steve and joy

“sir you call us”

“plz what did you guys do to her” I said in a teary manner

“nothing sir it has not being long she came back”

“plz call me onyema let’s take her to the hospital”

Steve dashed out to inform onyema, who told musty to get a vehicle ready. I carried her to the back seat of the Lexus and ordered onyema and steve to follow us. In no time we were out of the compound.

“which hospital sir” asked musty

“steve which hospital is she using??* asked jb

“sir I don’t really know but I think it’s oak private hospital””

“OK musty take us there immediately”

immediately we got there they helped us take her to the emergency ward. they recognize her, while one of the nurses brought out her file no 072;

In no time the medico entered the ward.
“good evening plz what is exactly wrong with her??” asked the confused looking medico on seeing the silver substance in her mouth

“sir pls I don’t know I came back home this evening and met her in this state”

“is she your wife or sister”

“not really somehow plz doctor do something to bring her back else am doomed”

“pls just excuse us” said the doctor as he pointed at the exist door.

I went to the reception looking confused and at the same time very scared because if anything happens to the senator’s only child which they had after 15 years of barrenness am doomed. I asked onyema if he knew anything about the incident, he said no explaining how it just stated in school. I felt a bit relaxed as the doctors were at work not knowing that my doom was near.

10:pm same day we were asked to go and see her that she was awake. Immediately I entered the room I met another natasha she was pale in color and looked washed.

“how are you my love”;

She could not say anything, she later threw up when she manage to say call
“my mummy call her” she said faintly like who was going to die the next minute.

I sent steve home to go get her phones since the number was not in my phone. Few minutes later steve was back with her phones, I searched her iPhone contact when I finally found “sweet mum”. I called the number while she picked up at once.

“(terrified) good evening ma”

“yes why are you calling with my daughter’s number??”

“erm ma this is Johnbull speaking, natasha is not feeling well she is at the hospital now, she demanded to see you”

“what!! Give the phone to her” ordered mrs Johnson

“ermm ma she can’t talk presently just come to the hospital”

“what is the name of the hospital???”

“oak private hospital”

“I will be there first thing tomorrow morning but if anything happen to my daughter your head will pay for it” mrs Johnson said ending the call

God what have I gotten my self into, I told Steve and musty to go home and rest while onyema remain with us. As soon as they left I started praying, confessing all my sins and asking God to save natasha(something I have not done since 2 years now)
Next morning @ oak land private hospital.
I woke up very early around 6am I looked at natasha she was getting old and pale(what sort of sickness is this?? I lamented), but the thing that kept me speechless and very much afraid that I dashed out of the room to get a nurse or doctor was that blood was moving from her hand into the drip that was connected to her. I was not a doctor nor a medical practitioner I am only a 300L petro chemical engineering student but I knew that condition was very bad and dangerous.

“nurse, nurse, doctor” I shouted from a distance. I saw two nurses and the doctor that was on night shift running towards me.

“what is the problem”

“it’s natasha” I said pointing to the room she was.

We all entered the room while they examine her, on the process of examining her some people came inside. A man in 1500 dressed like an alhaji and a woman in normal native cloth and massive makeup, surrounded by four men on suit with guns. I almost passed out because I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that was Natasha’s parent.

“omg what happened to my angel” her mother mrs Johnson cried out

“is she your daughter??” asked the doctor

“yes” while tears run

“what is my daughter doing in this localized, unkept and dirty hospital who brought her here???” the senator shouted.
This time around it was as if I should disappear. I saw him whispered something to his guards

“are you the boy who is living with my daughter?? ” asked mrs Johnson

“yes ma”


Natasha was taken out of the hospital to her dads vehicle so she can be taken to another hospital

“onyema go home and look after the house, you are the fool living with my daughter and you can’t protect her now get into the car we are going together” said the senator

I entered the body guards vehicle while we left the hospital. One hour later we were at owerri domestic airport, the senator bought tickets for the next available flight to Lagos including my own in a short time we were in the airplane, they attended to us so quick because it was an emergency.

1 hour after we were in Lagos, it was my first time of entering an airplane but I did not enjoy it because I was in a big s–t. We all boarded taxi to Konami specialist while one of his body guard went home to bring his vehicle I was really surprise when I heard the senator said Konami specialist hospital at the same time I was also scared I wish I could convince the senator to take natasha to another hospital because that was the same hospital my mum died in now my sweetheart is going there hope she will not die there.

I was still thinking when we arrived at the hospital.
dr frankkay, Ayis, mirabel and other nurses were trying their best in the emergency ward to find a vein in natasha body but it was to no avail because her body was already swollen, her eyes were turning green but she was in oxygen

“from my medical school days till now I have not seen this kind of case” said doctor frankkay as he removed his gloves

“this girl should be dead by now, she is being turgid” said dr mirabel

“she was brought in late, but we have to try out best. Since I can’t find any vein I will have to cut her to take the sample of her blood for test” said Ayis as he made an incision on her hand.

senator Johnson, his wife, some body guard and I were in the reception, they were all seated while I was standing going from one point to another (you could see the anxiety In me)

“young man sit down, natasha will be fine” said the senator as he noticed the fear in me

“pls can you tell me how it happened” begged mrs Johnson

“ma I can’t really explain, yesterday I was not around I did not even go to school only natasha went. But when I came back I met her in this state soaked in her own puke”

“are you sure someone did not do anything to her in school, that’s why I need to sack onyema his job is to protect natasha” said senator Johnson

“what’s your name”

“Adams Johnbull sir”

“I have heard a lot about you” said mrs Johnson

Doctor Ayis was seen with an envelop coming out of the elevator he entered his office, dr frankkay and mirabel was already waiting for him

“I think I know what the problem is now” muttered Ayis

“OK let’s deal with it” frankkay and mirabel said.

“I gave the blood sample I took from her to the haematologist, after carrying out some test he deduced that the blood contain a very poisonous chemical substance known as dimethyl mercury ”

“wo wo wo she is suffering from chemical poison” said frankkay

“no wonder some silver substance were found In her mouth” mirabel exclaimed

“so what next” frankkay said

“we need to get an antidote for that and remove it from her system through surgery in nothing less than three hours else bad things happen” said dr Ayis

“then the antidote to that should be N-acetylcysteine” dr mirabel speeches out

“I don’t think we have that in here, how do we get it now and professor Konami is not In town” lamented Dr Ayis

“but this mercury should have a slow effect on her not as rapid as this” said frankkay

“you are right frank but rapid effect can occur only if it was ingested” said mirabel

“enough of the debate let’s find a means to get the antidote”

“I have an idea why don’t we call Konami specialist hospital Ghana branch, they should have the antidote, so they can send it to us” suggested mirabel

“nice idea mirabel let me call doctor yaw in Ghana” said Ayis

“all this in three hours, hope she is not dead by now” frankkay added
____________,,,, ________________
Johnbull and natasha were no where to be found in school, many students including Yvonne called them but there numbers were switched off.
Yvonne walked to the school canteen smiling in satisfaction
“yes she has forgotten that I am a petro chemical engineering student, by now she should be battle with the effect of mercury. Ohh I miss my Johnbull he should be the one taking care of her.. Happy death day natasha”……
To be continued……

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