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Natasha – episode 42

Episode 42
Theme song <she is alive>
last scene
Dr Ayis office

“(phone ringing)”

“Good day doctor this is Ayis calling from Konami specialist hospital Nigeria”

“OK so how may I help because am really busy now”

“sir I want to ask if there is N-acetylcysteine antidote injection over there so you could sent it over because its rare here”

“yes we have but who told you its rare in Nigeria have you checked for it??” asked doctor yaw from Ghana

“hmm not really sir” responded Ayis

“OK go to me cure lagos you will find it there”

“thank you very much sir”
Call ended

Ayis took the line phone and called the pharmacist in the hospital to go get the drug at me cure.

“mirabel pls you and some nurse should help in preparing the girl for surgery, frankkay let’s go prepare but before then let me see her parent in the first floor”


“doctor how is she” asked the terrified mrs Johnson

“she is fine I just came to inform you that she is going into the theater now for a minor surgery” said Ayis

“Ayis what is exactly wrong with my daughter” asked senator Johnson

“hmm she is suffering from mercury poison”

“what!!! Mercury” exclaimed mrs Johnson, I think she has some science idea

“yea you don’t need to worry everything is under control so senator pls can you sign this documents” said Ayis as he gave some documents to senator Johnson.

The documents was for permission to perform surgery and in case anything go wrong the hospital will not be blames for any loss of life.

Chief signed the documents in no time while doctor Ayis went to dress for surgery.


Natasha was already in the theater dressed in blue cloth with an oxygen pipe connected to her. A drip was also connected to her containing N-acetylcysteine antidote. Four nurses and two doctors Ayis and Mirabel were in the theater, frankkay was attending to an emergency in the second floor

“Ayis connect the pipes to her body while I work in the computer” said mirabel

Ayis and the nurses connected some rubber pipe to Natasha’s body, the pipes were connected to a computer and an empty stainless bucket.

“any progress” asked ayis

“yes the computer is analyzing her body” replied mirabel

“OK let me see”

Electronic computer :::
Analyzing :::
, <<°°,, <>>,, ===••••°°°°°
Hb:: 21℅ plasma
RxN:: 2hb+2Hg→2hbg+2h
Hg……, 78℅√√√
Vr gas… Co10℅ √√√
Anti D,::: N-acetylcystein.. XX√√
Ls::ππππ^^^^== 32%

“this is showing that mercury is present in her system” said Ayis

“she is also having a residual gas co”

Doctor mirabel pressed a button that started extracting the mercury from her body, at this point the mercury was neutralizing but was not that effective as shown in the computer. The mercury could be seen coming out of her body passing the hollow plastic tube to the stainless bucket.

“thank God the mercury is coming out” said mirabel


20 minutes later

Electronic computer :::
Analyzing :::
, <<°°,, <>>,, ===••••°°°°°
Hb:: 21℅ plasma
RxN:: No RxN
Hg……, 7℅
Vr gas… XX
Anti D,::: N-acetylcystein..√√
Ls::ππππ^^^^== 15. 2%
_,,,, ___________________________

“7% mercury remaining, tablet will remove it” said Ayis as he became more happy

“yea but let’s wait. This girl has lost a lot of energy” replied mirabel

“so how is it going??” asked the stressed looking frankkay who just entered the theater

“fine fine” said mirabel with a sharp smile “so what kept you so long is the emergency that serious”

” yea it became suddenly serious when the woman ran into diabetics coma”

“so how is she now??” asked mirabel

“getting fine after a couple of insulin”

“thank God”

” are you guys not noticing anything in the computer” asked frankkay

“what” the doctors and nurses in the theater chorused

“her life span is reducing” said frankkay

bi bi bi bi bibi bibi bibi(machine flattering)
Electronic computer :::
Analyzing :::
, <<°°,, <>>,, ===••••°°°°°
Vr gas…??
Anti D,:::??
Ls::ππππ^^^^== _____ 1. 23%
O2 level::: 0%
Computer shutting down °°°° ______________________________

“Jane get a new oxygen cylinder, this one is exhausted” shouted Doctor Ayis

Mirabel was busy with frankkay feeling her pulse and checking her heart beat with their stethoscope… Every one in the theater was running helter skelter, finally Jane was back with a new oxygen gas but Natasha was confirmed dead.

“she is dead” confirmed mirabel who removed the stethoscope ear piece from her ear

(dramatic song=she died) ??

The theater was silent for some minutes, everyone in the theater was sad and depressed.

“disconnect those stuff from her” frankkay muttered slowly to the nurse

“how do I tell this to the senator, how will they feel” lamented Ayis

“we just have to tell them” said the lion hearted mirabel

Frankkay and Ayis left the theater instructing the nurse to prepare Natasha for mortuary.

first floor:::
Johnbull side of the story::
I was having the feeling that things were not alright, I don’t know what came over me and I started praying serious. I prayed for 30 minutes and I noticed that the senator and his wife were also praying in the little way they know how to.

“am having the feeling that things are not fine” said Johnbull

“I too” replied Mrs Johnson

“let me call frankkay and know the situation of things” said the senator as he brought out his phone.

Frankkay’s phone was ringing continuously but he could not pick it because it was the senator calling…

Meanwhile in the theater
(sneezing, sneezing, sneezing)

“hey Jane she is sneezing” said nurse hauwa

“she is alive” shouted the other nurse..
Jane took the line phone in the theater to call doctor room2 which was doctor Ayis office in the third floor

“hello doctor she is awake, she is alive”

“are you serious, am on my way”

Natasha woke up from the surgery bed sitting on it, she was looking pale

“w h a t h a p p e n e d to m e” Natasha asked slowly while she sneezed again

Ayis entered the theater immediately.

“calm down, you are fine nothing happened to you” said Ayis

“plz can I get water to drink” asked Natasha

“no no no not now, plz Jane, hauwa take her to the operated ward am coming there” said Ayis

we were still waiting patiently, when a nurse came to meet us, on sighting her we all stood up at once
“how is she??” we all chorused

“she is fine, the surgery was successful” said the young looking nurse while she smiled

“can we see her now” asked the senator

“OK but she is still asleep”

“no problem”

We all followed her to the ward were Natasha was in the fourth floor

“good day senator” the doctors Ayis, frankkay and mirabel greeted as they were analyzing Natasha and writing something in a file.

“how is she now?” asked Mrs Johnson

” she is very fine now” replied mirabel

Wow I was really happy, I don’t even need a soothsayer to tell me that she was getting fine because I could now see her viens, red lips and she wasn’t swollen anymore..

“I would like to ask a question, how did she ingest mercury??” asked frankkay

All eyes was on me
“hmmm I don’t know but I promise to find out” said Johnbull

“when she wakes up, try to call one of us through the line phone, the numbers are there” said Ayis as the left the room

“plz my sweet heart wake up soon, the person that did this must rot in jail” said Mrs Johnson

“how sure are you that a person did this, maybe she ate it from a food substance” said the senator

I signed
To be continued…..

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