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Natasha – episode 43

Episode 43
<theme song>catch that girl <??

I woke up slowly, my vision was blur and I was having slight headache, suddenly I started hearing my name but the intensity was low. I barely saw some people touching me, feeling my pulse with a stethoscope slowly I remembered I was in a hospital. Every thing that happened gradually started playing in my head, I remembered Yvonne who gave me something to eat and after eating came my crises.


Natasha was back to life, she was sitting on the hospital bed while her family member surrounded her including her aunties and some of her cousin. Natasha explained how it all happened to her family while they shocked, I was more than shocked hearing it was Yvonne who poisoned her..

“what is her full name” demanded the angry looking senator

“eke Yvonne” I said trying to help her because she was weak

“you know the girl??” asked senator johnson


Senator johnson brought out his phone immediately and call cornel David Atara and ordered him to go in search of a girl Yvonne eke, apprehend her and deal with her seriously for attempting to kill my daughter

“torture her to the core but don’t kill her, I want her to confess then record it”

“your wish is my will” responded cornel David

“I will get to you later” said the senator.

I knew Yvonne was doomed, the picture of what happened to those police men flashed in my head just for slapping Natasha, so how will the punishment of attempting to kill her be like?, I was already feeling pity for Yvonne.

The hospital room door opened suddenly while doctor mirabel came in.

“good evening everyone” greeted doctor mirabel

“evening doctor” we all responded

“how is she now??” asked the doctor

” she is fine but she is still weak don’t you think she needs food” asked mrs johnson a concerned mother

“(smiling) well she can eat now but whatever she will eat should be in liquid” said mirabel

“no problems thank you doctor”

Mirabel left the room after checking her heart beat.

Exactly 11:15

Two black hilux pickup was seen entering the school, they parked their vehicle in the middle of the road, alighted heading to fine the girl..

“hey hey hey that’s a wrong parking go to the school car park” a middle aged man shouted from a distance (that should be a security man)

Cornel David turned back, commanding the man to come forth.

“what did you say?” asked cornel David.

“ahh oga ooooo oga nla noo na that man there I dey call” the foolish security man said as he pointed to a car.

“coward now get out of my site”

“thank you sir”

Cornel David and his four boys walked to a block where they met some student gisting

“excuse me am looking for Yvonne eke” asked cornel

“Yvonne Yvonne sir we have like three Yvonne” said some student

“don’t tell me you have bloody daft students in the laconic lacuna, are you telling me they are all bearing Yvonne eke” said cornel David who was already foaming at the mouth(angry)

“ohh sorry sir” said one of the student

“sorry for your ancestors, so where is Yvonne eke???*

“sir the one you are talking about should be in the engineering department but we don’t really know her, we are accounting student”

“so which way to the engineering department”

“walk down to the other block sir”


Cornel and his boys walked to the place they were directed and ask another student for Yvonne eke who directed them to were she was having lecture.

Lecture hall 3:::
Cornel David and his boys walked into the hall occupied with about 50 students, they were having mth 309.

“how may I help you???”. The short big headed lecturer asked

“all stand” commanded cornel.
On seeing the soldiers, Alexis recognize them immediately.
The whole student stood up immediately.

“can you tell me the meaning of this nonsense how dare you interrupt my class” the short lecturer shouted.

Cornel gave Mike a sign and he gave the lecturer a stupendous slap that sent him on the floor with immediately effect.

“(sobbing) I will retire ooooo how will I be walking day and night and they still not paying me well, even in this recession my salary was not increased officers is it fair”

“hahahahahahhhhaaaha” the student all laughed at the lecturer who was lamenting seriously because of a slap.

“shut up you filthy animals” the class went silent immediately.

“all sit, stand, sit, stand, sit, stand, sit, stand, sit.
It was as if the student were in exercise mission

“my name is Yvonne eke stand up” commanded cornel David

All eyes went to Yvonne, but she could not stand up because she was afraid.

Yvonne side of the story

Immediately those soldiers came in, I thought they came in search of Natasha and jb but to my greatest surprise they call my name. Does it mean that Natasha survived the harmful mercury, I was still thinking when a voice spoke to me
“won’t you run for your life or do you want to be killed by this men??”

In no time I stood up from my seat and jumped out through the window

“that’s the girl” shouted some people in the class.

Cornel David and his boys followed at once, Yvonne was running very fast, finding her way out of the school.

“catch that girl” the soldiers commanded.

Wow Yvonne was really good in dodging people, no body could catch her.

“poooow” came a shot from charles one of cornel boy.

The bullet met Yvonne on her right arm and she fell immediately. She was curfed and dragged to where their hilux was packed, before they reached where the vehicle was Yvonne was bleeding serious, she had bruises all over her.

Their was no intervention from the school management because something similar happened two years ago, and they regretted ever interfering.

“wow wow wow” the hilux sirens were active as they left the school with Yvonne.
_______________,,,,, _____________
every one was happy the next morning for the survival of Natasha, our joy was doubled when she went to the toilet by her self and came out feeling relieve, looking more younger.

“how was your night” said Natasha as she sat on my legs

“it was fine and your”


I was really shy because her mum and two of her cousins were in the room when she sat on my legs. We kissed for 2 minutes before she went to meet her mom.

“how are you my sunshine”

“mum am fine, at least today is better than last night”

“good to here”

“thanks mum”

“your friend has not being himself since, he is very concerned about you”

“(smiling) I gave him a kiss to calm him down”

“hahahaha” We all laughed

“mum where is dad”

“as usual he has an appointment with ambode”

“that’s why he is the senator” replied Natasha

“Tasha Alexis just sent me a message that Yvonne has being apprehended by some soldiers” said jb

“that’s good for her, she should face the judgement, after that I will deal with her personally”

“I trust you”

They were still talking when doctor frankkay walked into the room.

“good morning” the fair handsome doctor frankkay said

“morning doctor, how was your night??” asked Mrs Johnson

“splendid, Natasha how are you today”

“fine, better than last night”

“that’s a good news, have you eaten??”

“no not yet” replied Natasha

“plz do, so you can complete your medications” said frankkay

“doctor plz when will she be discharged??” asked mrs Johnson

“depending, but since she is responding to treatment, probably by tomorrow morning”

“OK doctor”
Frankkay left the room

“my baby what do you want to eat??”

“hmmm fish peppery soup”

“Natasha…” said one of her cousin

“don’t mind Bella, let me go and get it” said jb who was about living the room.

“jb do you know where to get it” asked mrs Johnson

“I will search for” replied jb

“son pls go to Marc bizarre, their own are more hygienic”

“OK where is that located??”


“OK I will be right back” said jb

” son take, my car is downstairs” said mrs Johnson as he gave jb a car key

To be continued……

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