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Natasha – episode 46

Episode 46

We went back to school, wrote our exams and came back to Lagos for Christmas holiday. Our stay in Lagos was very fruitful, enjoyable and fun, little did I know that Natasha can play basketball she is very sporty in nature.


“youngest professor” ozumba and Alexis shouted from a distance on sighting Johnbull

“no dey wine me, how una dey na” Johnbull responded.

“guy we dey oo,, we no dey wine you oo I over heard our HOD telling someone that you will be crowned the best student of this academic section depending on your performance in this our final exam” said Alexis

“minus that one sef, the school wan retain you as junior lecturer ” said ozumba

“lol I don hear una, so how una dey prepare na” asked Johnbull

“as e dey hot based on ratata tins all this textbooks for my hand I wan go jack am” said ozumba

“bad guy see as you don ready abi e remain two weeks for the exam abi”

“mba oforu two years” replied ozumba

“isi ya two years mba oforu two century, I naju jamb question” added Alexis

“ahh Alexis so you too sabi speak Igbo” exclaimed Johnbull

“no na French I sabi woo see you later ozumba make we go read abeg” said Alexis as he and ozumba left jb

“all this igbo people, they will be forming tush speaking English na why I like Yoruba people they no send even for england. Anyway make I go try Natasha shebi she be ibo girl” Johnbull said to himself.

I was on my way to see Natasha when Michael a final year student of mechanical engineering approached me.

“jb how far ”

“Micky I dey oo so Wetin they sup na”

“e get one thing wey I want make you teach me”

“Wetin be that??”

He brought out a textbook and told me to teach him some calculation on compound machine which I accepted to since he was also writing his final exams.

A month later we were done with our exams and also our graduation ceremony. I was awarded the best petrol chemical engineer of my section, as if that was not enough Madonna university gave me a letter to work for them as a lecturer taking CHM 103 and PHY 301. I was still contemplating if I should take the job or wait for the senator maybe he has a better offer for me.

Natasha and I were still in anambra, trying to figure out what next to do with our lives. Natasha was planning on going for her masters in another aspect entirely because she is losing interest in the course she read. I on the other hand was thinking of proposing to her, but I am not working yet, so I was thinking of taking the job as a lecturer.

One faithful morning, we were about going for a basketball training in a near by court when her dad called her demanding that we should come to Lagos as soon as possible since we are now graduates, to plan the
next thing to do. Natasha informed me asking me for a suitable day that we should go to lagos.

“is next week OK by you” asked Natasha

“see any day is OK by me but the problem now is that my uncle called me last night demanding that I should come to edo and I should make it fast” said jb

“to Edo, what for??”

“he didn’t tell me actually but he said he has an important thing to discuss with me”

“when are you going??”


“when are you coming back”

“Sunday evening(in two days)

“hmm OK I would have loved following you but tomorrow wont be convenient for me”

“no problem prepare as soon as I come back we are going to lagos, get the tickets ready”

“OK just be careful, I don’t want anything to happen to you”

“I will be fine”

“lastly don’t eat anyhow”

“I will not my princess”

Ighawo, etsako east

The taxi man stopped in the front of my uncle’s house, I alighted the taxi, paid him and entered my uncle’s compound with my small traveling bag which was suspended on my shoulder. The compound was really big but the building was kinda old, I walked to the entrance of the house when I saw a girl coming out of the backyard.

“good afternoon sir, how may I help you” asked the girl

“sorry is this the compound of mr Efosa ihama”

“yes that is my father”

“OK can I see him”

“actually he is not around now he went for a meeting, but he will soon be back” said the girl

“OK can I get a seat”

She went inside to bring a stool for me which I sat on.

“sir pls don’t be annoyed who are you??” asked the girl.

“(smiling) am Adams Johnbull”

” what!! Adams, brother Johnbull” she shouted as she jumped on me… “its been long I have been waiting to see you”


“yes, am really sorry for aunty ketsiyah’s death, hope you have got over it”

“who is ketsiyah” I asked my self

“ketsiyah? Who is ketsiyah?”

“haba don’t tell me you have forgotten your mother so soon”

“do you mean mrs Adams imade ”

“yes aunty imade ketsiyah”

“oh I have gotten over it thanks for your concern”

My mum did not tell me her name was ketsiyah.

“welcome brother”

“what’s your name”

“my name so you don’t know my name”


“my name is Itohun ”

“wow Itohun nice name. How about your siblings where are they??”

“my sister Ivie went for ssce extra moral class while my brothers went to play football”

“that’s good, what’s your educational level??”

“am waiting for admission list”

“OK which school and course?”

“uniben, accountancy”

“OK that’s cool”

We were still talking when my uncle came in the compound

“who am I seeing” he shouted “ovibiedo”

“good evening uncle”

“how are you my son, look at how you are looking good”

“thank God” responded jb

“that’s good ehnn that reminds me you said you are now a graduate”

“yes uncle”

“thank God are you working now??”

“not yet uncle”

“God will give you a job. Itohun”

“yes papa”

“have you given your brother something to eat”


“where is your sister??” asked mr efosa

“she is not yet back”

“take, go straight to the market and buy what you will use to prepare owo soup” my uncle said giving her some money while she set off for the market.

” Adams osamagie johnbull”

“yes uncle”

“am coming let me get something” he said as he entered the house

Minutes later he was back with a bottle of schnapps and two tumbler

“I hope you take this kind of drink” he asked

“yes I do”

We were drinking and gisting when two boys came into the compound.

“jb this are your cousins oyiosa and osawa ”

“good afternoon” the younger one greeted

“bros how you dey now??” the senior one greeted.

“oyiosa I dey oo”

“this is johnbull aunty ketsiyah’s son”

“ahhh you are welcome” said oyiosa as he carried my small traveling bag inside

“where is itohun, she should be fast let johnbull eat” said mr efosa ..
To be continued…..

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