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Natasha – episode 50

Episode 50

Andrew was driven out of the compound while the securities gave him a caution never to come back. Inside the compound was Natasha and the frightened looking johnbull, Natasha held his hand while they went inside.

“who is that guy??” asked jb

“that’s Andrew the guy I told you about when I was still in high school”

“I thought you broke up with him, why is he back”

“jb forget that guy, my dad will handle him”

“oh your dad that is out of the country, didn’t you hear him well he is coming back for me that means my life is as stake”

“you are too fearful, Andrew can not hurt you beside he is a weakling”

“weakling?? That Andrew you knew then is another Andrew now can’t you see his chest”

“fine you can go out with a guard” Natasha said as she left for her room

Johnbull side of the story
I went to my room to think about the incident that just happened.

Johnbull talking to himself:::
God why am I a victim of trouble, I am planning to get married now this fool has strike from nowhere. What do I do now, am ready to do anything to have Natasha she is just like my life::: johnbull concluded

I entered my Honda pilot that was newly given to me by the senator, drove out of the compound heading to my work place. Along Ikeja shopping mall I noticed through the aid of my inner mirror that a white Lexus has been following me for a long time. I parked by the roadside waiting for the car to pass me by but it didn’t, suddenly I saw a dark guy with a rough curl coming out of the car heading to where I was.

The guy knocked on my window and I quickly recognized that it was Andrew my heart popped immediately.

“good morning how may I help”. Johnbull muttered

“nice question how may you help me” said Andrew ” very simple just leave Natasha alone”

“mister man listen to me, you have no business with Natasha you broke up with her long time ago, you are a betrayal, you should be ashamed of your self ” shouted johnbull

“calm down tell me the truth you don’t love Natasha, you are just after her dads wealth”

“how there you say such blasphemy, God knows that I love Natasha with all my life”

“you can keep that to yourself but I want to tell you something I give you two days I mean 48 hours since they say you are so scientific 172, 800 seconds to stay off Natasha else you will see a cold war”

“to hell with your cold war you bullshit, I will spend the rest of my life with Natasha” shouted jb as he started his car and zoomed off”

“wow me bullshit… You want to spend the rest of your life with Natasha your days are number, your death is near” muttered Andrew as he drove away.

Throughout the day I was very careful and watched my ways and steps.

Andrew was no where to be found, I continued with my Normal life thinking everything was alright not knowing that my life was very much at stake. It all happened on a stressful work day, some white men came for a project in our company hindering all staff with high rank from going home in the normal time.
Exactly 9:48pm
Quabby oil and gas company

“you look so weak and tired” said jb

“nice guess today is so stressful” replied Anita

“are you going straight home” asked jb

“no to the church” replied Anita as they headed to the car park

“lol I hope they compensate us for the lateness”

“hmmm I pray”


“mr johnbull as you can see am kinda tired good night see you tomorrow” Anita said as she entered her Nissan murano

“good night, sweet dreams, extend my greeting to your hubby”

“heard you”

Johnbull entered his Honda pilot and drove out of the vicinity. Four twenty meters out of his work place his vehicle suddenly stopped.

“not now”
He came down from the vehicle and noticed that two of his tires were flat.

“pim” he opened his booth through the remote and was about to get a jack when he saw three men approaching him, the street lights were reflecting on them two were very muscular.

“johnbull its nice meeting you again”

“Andrew you again??”

“yea its me”

“so you are the one responsible for the break down of my ride”

“(laughing in a wicked manner) boys teach this man how to stay away from someone’s property”

Before I could move back
“gbesh, gbesh, gbesh, gboo, gboo” I received several punches from the muscular men, they dealt with me mercilessly.

“(on the floor coughing out blood) plz don’t kill me pls I will stay away from Natasha” said jb whose mouth was already swollen.

“good boy, poki give him a finishing kick”

“gboooo” poki gave johnbull a superkick

“if you disobey my instructions my next mission will be worst than this. Guys let’s go”

Johnbull was groaning in pain on the floor, his shirt was stained with blood from his body.
An hour later

<phones ringing> <callers Natasha>

Natasha called johnbull for about fifty times in his two phones but there was no respond.


Natasha second phone was ringing which she picked at once because she was still awake and worried about johnbull.

“jb do you want to give me a heart attack”

“sorry for disturbing you, the owner of this phone is in the hospital right now, I saw him lying helplessly, badly beaten on the road on my way back from work maybe he was attacked by rubbers but pls come to Erudite hills hospital now I need to go home”

“thank you very much sir where is the hospital??”

“along egbeda road”

“I will be there immediately”

Natasha ran outside the compound immediately, entered her mum’s Honda accord and horned for the securities to open.

“madam where are you going to by this time??” asked one of the guards

“its none of your business just tell them to open the gate”

“pls if the senators gets to heard about this, the security,and guards department are doomed”

“fine jb is in the hospital I need to be there immediately”

“am sorry pls let Mark and I come with you”

“get in quickly”

“mark let’s go”

She drove out of the compound with great speed heading straight to the hospital. 40 minute’s later


Natasha and her guards entered the hospital running into a nurse

“what is the problem” asked the nurse.

“am looking for a man that was rushed in some hours ago”

“ohh the man that was attacked ”


“follow me”

The nurse took them to the room where johnbull was behold some part of his body was bandaged.

“jb what happened to you??”

“thank God you are here are you his wife??”

“wife to be”

“the doctor is demanding for 80 thousands naira”

“thank you very much sir for your kindness”

“no problems I will be on my way now” said the man as he left the room

“madam do not disturb him, he needs rest now” said a nurse as she adjusted the drip.

Few hours later the sun was already out, johnbull was also awake but in pains.

“sweetheart thank God you are awake doctor, mike plz call the doctor” said Natasha

“what happened to you were you attack??” asked Natasha as she touched John bull’s face

“don’t touch me get out, I nearly lost my life because of you” shouted jb

“how do you mean??”

“I need to end this relationship, you can marry Andrew let me have peace” jb said with his last strength

“you mean Andrew did this to you??”

Immediately the doctor walked in..

“good morning, are you related to him”

“doctor am his wife to be”

“interesting, see me in my office we have something very important to discuss”

“how important is it sir?”

To be continued……

Thank you for reading today’s episode of Natasha

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