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Natasha – episode 51

Episode 51


“sit” said the doctor pointing at a seat

“doctor I hope nothing bad is happening” asked Natasha

“not too bad its just that your husband to be was beaten badly and I hope it didn’t affect any of his vital organs”

“(breath out in relief) so doctor what’s your point”

“I will have to run an x-ray on him”

“no problem you can start”

“first of all you have to deposit a sum of 120 thousands and balance up the payment for his treatment meanwhile the man who brought him here had deposited some money”

“(rolling eyes) doctor how much is everything I need to pay for and stop blabbing”

“sorry ma your money is 210 thousands”

“do you use a POS system here”

“sure you can meet the cashier”

“start the scan and treatment immediately” said Natasha as she left the office heading to the cashier.

Two days later the x-ray result was out and no organ of johnbull was damaged. He was later discharged and vowed never to go back to the senators house. After so much persuading from the senator, his wife and Natasha he went back to the house, the senator also promised to fortify him with armed security that will protect him.
Johnbull side of the story continues

I was getting better day by day after my discharge from the hospital. As the senator promised he provided me with armed securities, I was feeling like a king. Finally it was remaining three days for Natasha to go to Russia for her master, on that evening I went to the best jewelry shop in Lagos and bought a ring? worthing 75thousands naira…. Yea am up to something.


“wow you are looking awesome” said jb on seeing Natasha coming downstairs with a mini pink gown”

“you can say that again” said Natasha as she pecked jb

“(the smell of her perfume was lovely) so where are you heading to”

“to see a friend”

“can I come with you??”

“sure if you wish”

I followed Natasha to her friends house after which I convinced her to follow me to a cooling point. It was a place meant for relationship fun.

“why are we here??” asked Natasha.

“you will get to know soon” responded jb

I ordered for a Jacques Selosse champaign worthing over six hundred thousand and a champaign glass.
“puff” I popped the champaign, introduced it into her glass and served her.

“hmm plz jb tell me what is behind all this”

I signal a guy and suddenly four girls surrounded Natasha holding a board that was glowing colorfully “NATASHA WILL YOU MARRY ME” at the same time a guy brought a pizza that was customized “NATASHA PLEASE BE MY WIFE”.

I knelt down before Natasha opening a diamond box which contained a ring.

“in you I find love, in you I find favour, the love I have for you is flowing like an ocean. Anytime I come in contact with you there is an emission of rays from my body, your touch, kiss sends impulses into my neurones. Natasha will you marry me??”

“(shocked in surprise) all this for me?? You are such a darling” “yes I will marry you”

“(smiles) thank you” said jb as he inserted the ring in HER left ring finger.

“jb I love you so much”

“I love you more”

Wow am extra happy, Natasha accepted my proposal. We drank ate, play, had a little discussion before we went back home by past eleven.

Next day I went to work with my guards, but they were not allow to enter the work premises. I was arranging some important documents in my office when shade a junior worker came to inform me that the manager was calling me.

“OK thanks I will see him”

I walked out of my office heading to see the manager


“sir you sent for me”

“yes sit down”

“are you done with the documents”

“yes they are ready”

“good, I want you to supervise those working in the gas plant”

“OK no problem”

“as soon as they are done with the job meet me for the company proposal”

“no problems”

The gas plant was at the back of the company, a construction was going on there. I came out of the company heading to the back to do my work suddenly from no where a gun was pointed on my head.

“shhhh keep shut and abide by our rule” a huge muscular guy said.
I followed him to a nearby bush close to my work place where a sienna was parked inside it was three other hard looking guys.

“give me your phones and anything mobile with you” another commanded I gave them my two phones which they switched off. I was already in the car when another guy said something.

“guy no be mobile wrist watch be this” he said and gave Me a dirty slap.

They collected my Samsung wrist watch which is more like a phone.

They drove out of the vicinity, in no time they were in an uncompleted building. They tied my hands, legs and mouth after giving me the beating of my life.

Two hours later I was unconscious
<phone ringing>

“boss bigger boss” hailed one of the guys who kidnapped me

“(from the background) how is that idiot fairing”

“trust us, we have given him the beaten of his life, he is unconscious presently”

“nice one, remember once its 9pm the journey to asaba starts”

“yes sir”

“I will be in the base waiting early tomorrow morning”

“no problem”
<call ended>


“Anita have you seen johnbull”

“no sir is anything the problem??”

“yes I sent him to supervise the project going on in the gas plant over four hours ago, I went there now and they told me no one was supervising them and his phones are switched off”

“maybe he went somewhere” replied Anita

“somewhere?? Plz if you see him tell him to report in my office”


Johnbull never came back to his work place throughout that day, Natasha called him throughout the night but his phones were switched off, she also called the manager of the company where jb works he also confirmed that they have not seen him.

I later regained consciousness and I saw my self bundled with ropes like a firewood. I realized that I was inside the booth of a car probably still with the kidnappers and the sky was dark. Hours later after a long drive into the bush, they finally packed in an abandon ware house.

I was brought out of the booth and taken inside the ware house where I saw Andrew in a chair smoking and drinking.

“welcome stubborn fly” said Andrew

“(speaking weakly) so you are still after me???”

“hahaha am still after you not until you leave Natasha”

“I promise to leave Natasha plz just release me”

“it’s so unfortunate that you have no chance for that because this is the last place you will see”

“plz plz I promise to stay away from her pls just spear my life”

“its too late Mr johnbull I warned you three consecutive times but you were too deaf to listen”

“(crying out loud) pls don’t kill me pls, I am an orphans and the only child of my parents if you kill me now my father will have no generation”

“gbesh gbesh(two hot blows) shut up you idiot” shouted the muscular guy beside jb

“interesting you were so foolish to know all this when you stepped on the lions tail”

“pls pls pls spear my life” begged jb as blood was dropping out of his mouth

(Natasha on a video call with the senator)

“dad am serious he is nowhere to be found his phones are switched off, same report from his work place”

“are you telling me he is missing??”

“dad missing, lost, kidnapped I don’t know but I can’t find jb”

“this is serious, its OK stop crying I will sent one of the government agents to search for him, just calm yourself down”

“thanks daddy but I hope this isn’t Andrews handiwork again”

“hmmm i will sort that out but I swear if he is behind this, his doom is near”

<call ended>

An hour later

“madam some people are looking for you outside they said they are from the government”

“(cleaning her eyes) OK bring them in”
“good day madam, we are from the state government we were sent here by the senator. My name is agent koffi with me here is my team idris, bukola, Raymond, segun and onazi”

“you are all welcome”

“thanks, according to the information given to us, Mr Adams johnbull your fiance was missing yesterday”

“exactly sir”

“OK can you explain to us how it happened”

“sir I don’t think I have anything to explain, his manager will have something to explain”

“OK can you take us there”

“no problem”

“guys let’s go””

They got to Quabby oil and gas company, met the manager who gave them no reasonable explanation.

“sir mr lekan olatunbosun do I look like who is playing or joking with you??” questioned agent koffi

“agent honestly I swear I don’t know mr johnbull’s way about”

“hmmm idris”


“hand curf him, maybe you will confess after a good round of torture””

“pls sir don’t do this, my wife time is near and there is no one who will assist her”

“idris take him away”
They were already going when koffi stopped them

“mr lekan do you have a CCTV camera system here??”

“yes sir”

“I will like to view all the videos there”

“no problem let’s go to the system room”

They got to the room where the CCTV was installed after several searching they found a video which could help them find johnbull.

<video playing>
Johnbull was heading to the back of the company when a gun was pointed on his head

“shhhh keep shut and abide by our rule”

He was taken to a sienna but the camera could not capture what really happened there.

“idris free him, but you are still a great suspect guys let’s go”

They walked out of the company sharing there selves to various part of the state in search of the missing man.

“madam Natasha do you have a suspect” asked agent koffi as he was about entering his car

“yes Andrew by name”

“who is Andrew??”

“my ex boyfriend”

“do you have his number of knows where he stays??”

“no he just returned from the us”

“interesting pls can you give me the missing man photo and if possible Andrews photo”

Natasha sent johnbull and Andrew photo which she got from Facebook to the agent, the agent promised to get to her later. Agent koffi sent the photos to his other members.


“taaaaa” a guy gave jb a resounding slap

“com’on wake up there idiot you dey sleep”

Andrew walked in immediately
“the b—–d is sleeping??hahaha”

“boss make we show this guy chom chin”

Andrew gave the guy a sign to calm down

“mr johnbull its remaining 18 hours for your elimination, but I want you to feel pain and die slowly for messing with a tiger in lion clothing”

” spear me pls”

“guys do your job while I watch him feel pain”

“gboo gbesh gbesh gbesh paa gboo gbesh, taaaaa, gbesh” they beat jb for about ten minutes

Three huge guys beat me mercilessly with their big timberland boot, I won’t lie to you if a human life was 95% at that point mine was 20%.

“guys that’s enough, now bring out his stinking d–k that he is using to f–k my girl and connect it to the battery”

“(light spark ???) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh pow pow pow pow, paaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhj’

Johnbull was vibrating as sparks of light and smoke was coming out of his head.

He passed out

“oga e be like say he don die ooo”

“that’s enough, he is out cold”

Black blood and sperm was coming out of his penis.

“oga this man don die ooo”

“get me the jar of milk”

Andrew fed johnbull with milk after which he gasped for breath and passed out again.

Next morning

Next morning was sunny and bright, johnbull was found awake but was very strength less. He was taken to a place which looked more of a hill path inside the forest and tied up to a tree.

“mr johnbull, today marks the end of your living on earth. I told you earlier but you won’t listen, have a safe trip to hell. Poki give me the gun”

“(muttering slowly) father lord I know I have sinned but please forgive me and accept me in your paradise, may my gentle soul rest in perfect peace amen. Mum am coming home.” prayed johnbull whose life span was less than 10%

“cra-car….. 3…, 2… 1”

“poow, poow, poow, poow” four bullet was fired.

My dear readers is this the end of Johnbull??, what will be Natasha’s fate when she hear the death of her missing rib or when she never set her eyes on him again. Will Andrew go scott free and go ahead and marrying Natasha, wait a moment is Natasha carrying johnbull’s child??…….. Find out in the next trilling episode of Natasha

Thanks for reading today’s episode of Natasha ???

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