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Natasha – episode 53

Episode 53

Immediately Natasha sighted johnbull as well as Johnbull sighted Natasha, they both ran and hugged each other….

They hugged passionately for about three minutes before the senator wife spoke

“am glad you are back son”

“thank you mum”

<Natasha kissed him>

“welcome back son, let’s go in we have a lot to discuss”

INSIDE THE SENATOR’S mansion :::::

The senator ordered the cooks to prepare a very good meal, so they can fist for the return of his in-law. The meal was ready in less than an hour in which all the family ate together.

Johnbull side of the story

After the fist, the family was gather in the garden having good time, maybe it was time to tell my story. Meanwhile Natasha little cousin Jim about 10 years old was spending his holiday in his aunties house(mrs johnson).

I was playing chess game with the little boy when the senator interrupted my game.

“so son what really happened to you??”

I explained how everything happened from my work place to the kidnapping base at delta, telling them how Kelly saved me and took me to the hospital..

“wow that must be very kind of her” said Mrs Johnson..

“you said she was your class mate in high school that means she must be a good friend of ours. *coughing* anyway I really need to compensate her”

“(smiling) ahh there is no need for that, she is really comfortable a usa militant for that matter” said johnbull

“no no son don’t be ungrateful, even at that I still need to compensate her. Can you give me her contact”

“OK I will send it to your mobile phone”

” I hope that demon Andrew is truly dead” said Natasha

“I hope so tooo” responded mrs johnson

“of course he is dead because he can never survive a military bullet”

“hm(senator breath in relief)”


Later that day in the night, I was in Natasha’s room after having a brief meeting with the senator concerning the traditional marriage which should take place any moment from now ….

“sweetheart I hope they didn’t injure you that much” asked Natasha referring to my….. I know that you understand

“well the general hospital took care of that just that I am having a problem with erection”

“like seriously?? We need to see doctor ayis tomorrow… Yea I remembered you said when you had some issues with the police about Kelly he was the one that treated you”

“yea yea, but you see I will be fine in few days according to what the doctors in the hospital said

“hmmmmm you better be because I really need you badly in me” she said childishly

I cooked up all this lie because I don’t want to make love to Natasha till after our traditional marriage.

“at last we are free, no more Andrew in our life”

“yea am really happy”

Two days later I was given a list by the senator and his brother, little did I know that his brother was the owner of konami specialist hospital Lagos, Port Harcourt, abuja, Accra and south Africa and also a professor in Harvard Natasha did not tell me…

In the list contained list of items for the marriage right and introduction and I was to come with my people to senator Johnson’s compound in the east…. A big task but they wanted everything to look upright….

I told them to give me a week so that I can convince my uncle so he will bring some of his friends along for the marriage rights….

After a lot of thinking on how to convince my uncle to follow me to the east to marry an ibo girl, I deduced a plan….

“wow (hitting my head with my hands) jb you are a brain box, yes I will tell my uncle that she is a senators daughter, with this he will want to follow me at once because he knows that his problems are solved. Yes!!! Let me go and inform Natasha we are leaving for Edo tomorrow”….

Ighawo, etsako east

We drove into my uncles compound(mr efosa) with a hummer 4, I saw itohun, Ivie and osawa outside the compound…

Immediately I came down from the car they all rushed to welcome me..

“good afternoon brother” they all chorused

“good afternoon ma ivie and itohun greeted”

“afternoon, how are you doing” replied Natasha

“wow you guys are looking good”

“ahh brother you are looking more good”

“lol is uncle around???”

“no he is in the next compound let me go and call him”

“hope he is not busy there”

“not at all”

Few minutes later my uncle came inside the compound…

“jesus who owns this mighty car” shouted my uncle

Natasha and I smiled…

“johnbull so you have finally made it” said my uncle as he was dancing

“(laughing) uncle let’s go inside, we have a lot to discuss”

“by the way who is the beautiful girl I am looking at”

“uncle meet Natasha the girl I want to marry”

“wow this is very good, johnbull you are good in choosing a wife. You are welcome my daughter let’s go inside hehehehehehe(he laughed wickedly)”

“itohun!! Itohun(called my uncle while she came at once) rush to the market go and buy things to prepare soup for them”

“ahh uncle you don’t need to bother we will soon be on our way, I just came to show her to you and discuss something very important with you”

“hmm if you say so no problem… My daughter what is that your name”

“Natasha sir”

“hmm nice but rare”

“(Natasha smiles)”

“which of the villages are you from” asked my uncle

“erm uncle she is an ibo girl anambra precisely”

“hmmmmm I see, hope you will learn how to cook owo soup, black soup….. ”

“uncle that’s OK I eat anything she cooks” johnbull stopped his uncle

He whispered something to Natasha’s ear while she left the house…

“uncle I have something to discuss with you??”

“and what is that??”

“I want you and some of your friends to assist me to see her people in the east. Meanwhile I have collected their list so we are going for the marriage right”

“you mean I should follow you to the east?? Johnbull what happened to the girls of this village that you went so far to marry”

“uncle is it bad to marry who you love, tribe is not a barrier”

“who told you that”

“OK uncle the girl you just saw is the daughter of senator johnson, I don’t know if you know him”

“wait a minute, she is a senators daughter”


“I see no wonder you are with the hummer 4”

“see uncle don’t insult me, I am a big man now”

“oh really hehehehe(laughing wickedly) no problem”

“uncle take this 400 thousands use it to arrange the people that will come with you. In three days time I want to see you in anambra, I will send the address to you bye for now”

Outside :::

“my love let’s leave here”

“I hope there is no problems”

“get into the car let’s go”


Finally the third day came as planned we met at anambra(my uncle and I with his friends)

Meanwhile I was with everything that was written on the list including a he goat. Some hours later I was in my in-laws house, another mighty mansion in the east.

After the introduction, and paying of bride price, my uncle and his friends saw the girl I wanted to marry and congratulated me after which we left. I settle my uncle and his friend who were going back to Edo while I left for Lagos promising to inform they as soon as the traditional and white marriage was scheduled…

Mr Efosa side of the story

My friends and I got home very late that night, so everyone went to their various home to rest. The next day I was forced by my friends to celebrate my nephew newly found wife, so we decided to go to a bar and have fun. We drank beer and palm wine to stupor and ate bush meat to constipation after which we went home in the night…

Exactly 8:33pm same day

I was in my balcony receiving fresh air when I went into a thought

“so johnbull is getting married soon, hmmmmm not just marrying but marrying a senator’s daughter…. No I can’t be alive and this will happen… Look at me very poor and wretched and this little boy will now be greater than me… No no no its not possible..

But how did this boy survive and go this far, when I caused the death of his father when he was 8, I made them very poor and partially caused the death of his mum. Oh oh oh I have made a great mistake assuming I rendered him useless or given him down’s syndrome early when I wanted to he won’t have met the senators daughter talk less of marrying her….. Hmmm(scratching his beards) I no what to do, I am going to see ajakaja right away…..

Mr Efosa trekked far inside the bush in the dark to see ajakaja (a strong native doctor)

15minutes later

ajakaja shrine

“greetings great ajakaja”

“(hehehehe) who am I seeing hmm the lion that roar and the jungle reverberates. What has brought you by this time of the night to the great ajakaja shrine”

“(sitting on a log of wood) what brought me here is very serious, my nephew any time from now is getting married to a SENATOR’S daughter and I will not be alive to see that happen”

“Efosa the great man, this your nephew is he one that you killed his father some years back”

“exactly, that I even came to collect charm that will send heart attack to his mother my sister”

“Efosa Efosa, so what do you want me to do this time around”

“nice question ajakaja, I want you to kill him by any means a day to his wedding”

“consider it done… Itoko itoko (hitting his oracle), your son is here for help itoko Miro miro otukolo yeh yeh(singing to his gods) yes I have heard from you….. Efosa take this image candle, immediately you get home, get a nail or pin, invoke his spirit in this candle image seven time and pierce the chest of the image and bury it close to a bush take!!! ”

“(collecting the image) thank you very much ajakaja. This is my gift of appreciation” said Efosa as he brought out 20 thousands naira from his pocket and put it into a calabash…

“very good of you, before I forget you will not attend his wedding neither will you see his corpse when he is dead and do not attend his burial is that understood”

“exactly, ajakaja have you forgotten who I am…. I will be on my way now”


He went to his wardrobe and got a nail, went outside the house to start the ritual…

“Adams Osamagie johnbull, you shall die a day to your wedding ceremony, as I call your name seven time may your spirit be invoked into this image
“Adams Osamagie Johnbull”

“Adams Osamagie Johnbull”

“Adams Osamagie Johnbull”

“Adams Osamagie Johnbull”

“Adams Osamagie Johnbull”

“Adams Osamagie Johnbull”

“Adams Osamagie Johnbull”

He pierced the image chest and buried it together with the name after which he covered the soil…

“let me see how you will marry the senator daughter” he said and went inside…….


Wow son I now see you as a married man congratulations) the senator said as they both shook hands

“thank you father”

“(smiling) don’t worry with time, I will put you into politics”

“oh thank you very much I really appreciate”

“son you what, we are going to see the father tomorrow to get your wedding date. Like I said the traditional and white wedding will be on same day”

“wow that will be very nice”

“promise me one thing””

“what is it”

“I will see my grand child in less than ten months time”

“that is for sure”

They both laugh aloud….

Thank you for reading today’s episode of Natasha….???

I am nothing but a pencil in the hands of the creator…..

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