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Natasha – episode 54

Episode 54
Episode title:: one good news one bad news
Episode theme song::: on the wings
Johnbull side of the story::::

I woke up from my soft bed feeling very happy, what’s the secret of my happiness that I don’t know. I went into the toilet brushed my teeth before going to gym in a room equipped for gym in the senators house.

Getting there I met Natasha on her bum shot doing some exercise.

“morning sweetheart” she greeted as she remove the earpiece on her ear

*morning dear, how was your night*

“it was splendid and yours??”

“cool too”

“that’s good” she muttered

I Laid on a smooth soft surface making use of the arm stretchers. We exercised our body for about 20 minutes before I retired to my bathroom..

In no time I was ready and set to go see the church(reverend father). I went to the senators chamber to meet him while he was also set. We made use of his tundra while his driver drove out of the compound, at the back and front of the tundra was his escorts fully armed.


Immediately we arrived at the church the reverend father attended to us, after a long discussion he gave us the next Saturday after that of that week to wed. The senator thanked him and handed him over a cheque, we were about taking our leave when he stopped me..

“mr Johnbull can I have a word with you???”


“the lord just ministered to me telling me to tell you that you should embark on a fasting and prayer from now till your wedding day”

“(fasting?? When last did I fast? ) father I will but is it a dry or wet fasting”

“anyone you are capable of”

“thank you father”
“what is the matter” asked the senator as soon as I got to the vehicle

“he told me to embark on a fasting till my wedding day”


“I don’t know he said that is what the holy spirit told him”

“hmmm ok”

“are we going anywhere?” I asked the senator

“actually, we are going to make your wedding cards”

“ohh that’s great”

Exactly 6:45am

Everywhere was noisy in the senator’s compound everyone going up and down. The decorators were busy with their work decorating the compound including chairs, tables etc. Meanwhile my uncle told me 2 today’s ago that he was not going to make it to the wedding that he was very sick, so the senator arranged another person who was going to act as my parents.

My make up artiste were busy with me, making me up for the traditional marriage which is going to be the first thing before we go to the church then to the white wedding reception hall.

In less than an hour the compound was looking awesome, every one was settled down, the music department were booming the arena with traditional ibo songs. Finally I was set and ready for the great thing, I walked majestically out of my room heading to the event center, the funniest thing was that I was dressed in ibo attire.

I was almost out of the building when a maid also dressed in their own attire ran to me giving me my phone. Looking at the caller it was my uncle.
<call answered>

“hello uncle”

“brother Johnbull its me itohun can you come to the village right away”

“are you insane how can I come to the village today that is my wedding day”

“am sorry my daddy just gave up the ghost now”

“how do you mean”

“we heard thunder and someone outside started shouting I will confess, I will confess. When we went outside it was my dad lying helplessly on the floor with your wedding card. He confessed that he killed your dad, your mom and made your family poor, he said so many things that was recorded by some neighbors he even……” call ended probably her credit has exhausted

<Johnbull called back>

“yes continue”

“he also said that he wanted to kill you a day to your wedding”

“Jesus is lord no wonder that father told me to fast till my wedding day, so its my uncle that is behind all this” said Johnbull as tears rolled down his eyes”

” we are sorry I never knew my dad was this bad, he also killed my mum”

“you know what I will call you later”
<call ended>

Johnbull went back to his room to cry for some minute before going to the event center, Mrs Johnson noticed his sad mood and called him to a corner.

“son what is the problem??”

“narrating everything to her”

“you should be happy that yours are gone, he deserve to die. Pls son don’t spoil this very day with your mood, you need to smile real and be happy, be happy”

“thank you ma”

I really thank you all for being here today. To make things snappy I want to call on our daughter Natasha Chukwuemerie to come and show us that man out of all the women in the world that has chosen her as his wife.. She was given a wine which she danced with looking for her husband (she’s shy tho)

After about two minutes of dancing she located Johnbull handing him over the wine in which he drank putting dollars into the cup and gave it back to her while the both of them came out dancing together..

One hour later the ceremony was over, Johnbull and Natasha went back inside to dress for the church wedding while the congregation made their way to the church..


My make up artiste were busy on me and my bridesmaid and the flower girls, wow it was the happiest day of my life. I was looking more beautiful in my Valentino wedding gown that was so gigantic as I glance through the mirror, their was a crown like structure on my hair (a machine weaved hair).

In no time we were set to go to church, I walked like a queen to my range rover sport decorated with balloons, ribbons and different types of material….

Thirty minutes later we were at the church, we were first attended to. After the sermons from the reverend we were called to the altered, where we made the normal marriage speech. Johnbull inserted the ring into my ring finger..

“you can kiss your bride” said the reverend


Three things made me happy first was that I am now a married man, secondly there was no one who objected when the reverend asked if their was anyone who wanted this wedding not to hold and lastly my uncle was dead..

After the wedding many people left immediately to the reception hall at eko hotel and suite, I personally went to meet the reverend and testified concerning the death of my wicked uncle after which I left for the reception..

Brief description of the wedding ceremony by Johnbull

I never expected this kind of wedding from the senator, my one naira did not finance anything in the wedding it was the senator who bank rolled it. Well as some of you know eko hotel and suite, a very big hotel I ?think the best in Lagos that was were the wedding took place.

The people I saw their I never expected ambode was In the wedding, the chairman of PDP and APC was there. Phyno, olamide, patoranking and tekno was performing live, the most amazing thing which made me almost laugh out my intestine was that basket mouth was the mc( master of ceremony). So many politicians came for the wedding it was so amazing.

There was lot of food to it including take away and it was a serve your self program. Meanwhile I invited Kelly, chinedu and olumma to the wedding because without the invitation card they won’t be allowed in. Unknown to me Kelly’s dad was also a friend of the senator and he was also invited with his wife….

The one that my eyes could not believe was that when Natasha and I were dancing the politicians that spray money was spraying dollars. I knew something like this will happen but never expected it that way was my office workers and club mates, they made my day for me..That was the best and happiest day of my life…

At the end of the celebration the gift we received were too much but the biggest of all was when senator Johnson handed me over a card with chip guess what he bought a duplex for us in Russia, Mrs Johnson on the other hand gave me the keys to my own oil firm at abuja, It was as if I should faint (money is good)… So many people congratulated me including Kelly’s parent, chinedu, olumma and mr eze(chinedu’s dad) but after the wedding I did not see Kelly again.

Wow finally everything was over we arrived home by past 12am but I wasn’t feeling sleepy. I was on the bed feeling like a big man when Natasha came out of the toilet with only her bra and undies….

“jb today is the happiest day of my life and am really happy for today, if you had noticed my Facebook name has been changed to (its Natasha Adams). (smiling) you know what” she asked rubbing my face


“I want to carry our baby”

She kissing me passionately like a pro, sending sensory impulses to my neurone, before I knew it we were on the bed unclad……. *****

After twenty minutes of hot love making, I was kinda exhausted she handed me like a pro. She was using the toilet while I was still resting on the bed unclad when my phone started ringing. Looking at the caller it was no other person than kelly
<call answered>

“hi kelly how are you doing”

“fine fine”

“you disappeared after the wedding I did not see you again”

“yea I had something important to catch up with”


“I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon??”

“yea am enjoying it”

“ok actually i called to inform you to start planning for my own wedding as your second wife”

“what!!!! What do you mean”

“(laughing, excited) am carrying your baby”


“don’t be scared guess what its a baby boy, the person who will take after you(laughing)”

“am doomed” Johnbull fainted


Thanks for reading the final episode of Natasha ???

I am nothing but pencil in the hands of the creator ✏✏✏


(raining heavily&thunder striking)

Konami was outside his compound, he was wet and probably coming from somewhere. He was about entering his compound when he saw his friends John and Kelly

“hey you two love birds”

They approached him immediately

“guy how far na” asked John

“I dey ooo, so na because of this rain you dey shake like this”

“I no blame you, they born you inside rain”

“so where una go”

“he escorted me to get something”

“ehyaa husband and wive”

“eh thank you, you go find your own wife” replied John

“lol holy boy like me… Anyway I get something on my mind wey I go like make we do”


“mtcheew I think say na one better thing self”

“so what’s your story about??” asked kelly

“I titled it Natasha”

” wow nice name”

“so na this rubbish you dey tell us under this rain, woo kelly let’s go joor” dragging her

“no p oo but try come my house today oo make we plan”

Natasha is a story written by Konami, its a product of Konami studio. At first this story was like a child plays but later became something I can call a real story….

Natasha is about a boy johnbull who came from a poor background, he fell in love with a girl called kelly which later turned into a nightmare for him. On the process of gaining admission to the university he met this wonderful angel Natasha….

John point of view ::::

I was given the character of johnbull to play, the boy from the boy background… Konami is my very good friend at first when he brought this idea, I saw it as trash but with time I saw my self loving the story. The first part I played was really something else…
I was to be inside house sleeping, when mama nkechi entered the compound and started ranting.

“where is that stupid woman that refuse to pay me my money”

According to the script I was to come out asking her why she was shouting like that, before my mother Mrs Adams joined me…..

The part that really made me laugh was when the neighbors ask her how much my mum was owing her and she mentioned eight thousand naira and a neighbor was like

” na because of money you know want make i enjoy my bae”… Lol..

Kelly’s point of view :::

My name is kelly am a main character of this story. From the beginning of this story I supported Konami in any way I could.

Playing the role of kelly, a girl from a rich home and also johnbull’s class mate who ended up falling in love with him wasn’t a big deal for me….

Story making :::


Johnbull was walking down the street with his earpiece connected to his ear when a police van approached him..

“what did I do” asked the frightened boy

“you have to right to remain silent for anything you say or do will be used against you in the law court”

What’s my offense and they are arresting me (naija police)
Well he was arrested for playing with kelly, according to her father he was too poor to mingle with her.

Director :::
After giving him the beating of his life, he will still not tell you what you want to hear then you use the iron on him so he will..

“wait oo director do you mean we should beat him real” officer 2 said

“Jude if you try am you don die be that” shouted john

“what of the iron make I plug am??”

“Jude use your brain you are not plugging anything use it like that”

“Jude you done use your brain chop amala”

Konami :::::
I want to emphasize on the secondary school used and hospital that is babisky high school and Konami specialist hospital. This were created by us, they do not exist in real life..

Chinedu point of view:::;:

Am really glad that we successful ended this story, it has not been easy for us most especially the producer Konami. Well the role given to me was not too I could go with that, being the best friend of johnbull and always there for him whenever he needs me but something took us apart which is olumma….

Olumma point of view :::

Being the girl johnbull met at the restaurant the faithful evening he came there to eat, he had an affection for me immediately. He even went extra mile waiting for outside till when I close for work at past 11. I also fell in love with him not until I was embarrassed by his so called friend kelly who I never knew was his girlfriend before. On the long run his best friend Chinedu fell in love with me which lead to their separation…

After that incident jb left Lagos angrily and went to the school where he was given admission in anambra where he met the girl that change his life….

Natasha point of view::::::

I remembered vividly when this story started, some of you were like where is the Natasha, some were like how is Natasha related to this story…. Yea finally she is here…..

I played a role of being the senators daughter, johnbull course mate in the university and someone who later fell in real love with him….

Yea I saved him from the hands of his bad friends sao odega and jazzman, after which I accommodated him in my house, took good care of him.. Finally we graduated from school, my dad the senator offered him a job and I was about going to Russia for my masters when a devil strike…

Andrew ray ::::::

Kudos to you Konami nice one, I never knew you had something like this in mind more inks to your pen and more intelligence…..

Yea I was called to take the role of Andrew, Natasha ex boyfriend who broke her heart by having s-x with her cousin(that’s very bad).. After five years he returned to claim what wrongly belongs to him, he attempted killing johnbull(Natasha sweetheart lol) but unfortunately for him he met his doom from the militant lady kelly…

Konami :::
At the end of the whole story kelly was pregnant for jb a baby boy. After the news jb fainted, waking up later he found himself in his room and Natasha sitting close to him…

“you passed out for four days”

“(feeling slight headache) what four days??”

“well guess what”


“am carrying your baby girl”

He fainted again…….


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